Similar to knifing. The act of killing someone. because they have just said something stupid, or you just want them to die.
Pronounced like Mike but with a 'n'
"Shit up or I'll nik you"
Guys we need to get this done or i'll nik myself
by The creater February 10, 2008
A large shit, usually dead ugly, has no life, and crys. These strange creatures enjoy trying to hurt others to try to make them noticed.
Nik: I'm so awsome
Me: yep. At being a dumbass

Christy: did you see cody yesterday, he was smacking that poor cat.
Jenny: he is such a Nik.
by Djz nejjjjsbs January 01, 2012
A person who needs to trip on Ecstacy, Acid, DHT, Peyote or Shrooms in order to function without fear.

A person who appears petrified in public.

A persons life that has been ruined.

A person that won't stop trying something.

A person who is fly as planes and straight as arrows but has so much fear he cannot seem it to the people that surround him.
Yo u buggin, did you turn into a Nik?

Look at this guy, what a fucking retard, look at him smoke, is that a Nik?

Look hes trying to act cool, he thinks hes better than everyone else, is that a Nik?

Look how chill that dude is, he must be tripping balls right now because hes never like this he is going to turn into a Nik.
by Tha Reeeealness January 04, 2009
A fat nasty man who never wears any pants. He usually has a crush on...YOU.
(About Nik)
Dennis: "Someone's got a crush on you, and he's not wearing any pants."
Someone Else: "Is it Nik?"
Dennis: "Hell yes it is!"
by Somechick_73 September 17, 2008
totally not awesome person such a gay american who thinks he is the best at everything when really he is a limp dicked bastard.
that guy is such a nik
by nik bowes June 07, 2006
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