Always likes a laugh, takes care of himself but known to be a bit feminine at times.

Steals pizza - steals everyone elses food but:
is on a constant diet!
Uses migrains to get out of dancing
But we all know he has THE MOVES!

if he was an animal he would be a cockatoo!!

Loved by all

(thinks hes a genious with knock and run but everyone knows its him :) )
He's NIK-ING my food! :) We love that dude
We can rhyme.. but we have no more time!
by Captain underpants crew of Joy February 10, 2008
Someone who regardless of nationality acts American.Who even when showing obvious lack of skill of something still thinks he is the best at it. Also denies his 'Nikness' when obviously showing it.
That guy is a Nik, who the f**k does he think he is?
by The Guy in the House June 07, 2006
term used for someone homosexual and magnificent but you'd love to bang them all night long anyway
guy#1 - Gosh he is such a nik
guy#2- man that's a guy
Guy#1 - I know...
by MBrennan November 27, 2008
a really really wonderful babe
"look at that girl, she's such a nik."
by the real alice cullen March 30, 2008
A large shit, usually dead ugly, has no life, and crys. These strange creatures enjoy trying to hurt others to try to make them noticed.
Nik: I'm so awsome
Me: yep. At being a dumbass

Christy: did you see cody yesterday, he was smacking that poor cat.
Jenny: he is such a Nik.
by Djz nejjjjsbs January 01, 2012
Hunch-Back of Notre Dame. Has extremely greasy hair and thinks his shit dont stink. Surrounds himself with people that he thinks love him but really dont. Thinks he's a lady's man when really he's a nerd. Has walk that is fun to immitate. Likes to talk crap.
"Dude, you're chasing all the chicks away... Stop acting like such a Nik!"
by stupidpeoplehaters May 04, 2010
Main example of a typical name abbreviation when trying to 'look cool' but instead makes the owner look like a desperate middle-aged man trying to look gothic when men of that age should know better. A mutation of 'Nick' - the real abbreviation for 'Nicholas'. Another example: 'Jez'.
"Here comes Nick on his new skateboard, what does he look like! . <shouts> Oi Nick!".

Nik: "Fuk off"
by Bar Catfish December 14, 2009

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