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Creepy tall white kid that wants to be black. looks like freddy krueger but acts like k fed. Has a foot fetish and stalks his ex girlfriends. Has a problem with explosive diarrhea. Calls in bomb threats, and cries about being lonely.
Andy: "Did you just hear that white kid say 'sup my homie'?"
Drew: "Yea, what a Steven!!!"
by stupidpeoplehaters May 04, 2010
Hunch-Back of Notre Dame. Has extremely greasy hair and thinks his shit dont stink. Surrounds himself with people that he thinks love him but really dont. Thinks he's a lady's man when really he's a nerd. Has walk that is fun to immitate. Likes to talk crap.
"Dude, you're chasing all the chicks away... Stop acting like such a Nik!"
by stupidpeoplehaters May 04, 2010
The third-string fat guy on your highschool football team.
"I feel bad for that dude thats making the bench sink into the the ground. He's sweating all over the place and barely moved. Poor guy... He's a Cameron."
by stupidpeoplehaters May 04, 2010
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