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1) A sexy hot tomboy princess with golden hair who lives by her own rules.
2) A girl who goes to a millenial fair and bumps into a boy named Crono and goes on an adventure to save the world from a beasty named Lavos.
Marle: (Arguing with King) I didn't "pick up" anything! It's called "common sense!"

Marle: (To Lucca) Enough with the false modesty! You have a real gift! I would trade my royal ancestry for your genius in a heartbeat!
by Somechick_73 September 17, 2008
A fat nasty man who never wears any pants. He usually has a crush on...YOU.
(About Nik)
Dennis: "Someone's got a crush on you, and he's not wearing any pants."
Someone Else: "Is it Nik?"
Dennis: "Hell yes it is!"
by Somechick_73 September 17, 2008
A big fat lazy gay man, who is gay for sex with Chris. He has blond hair and was turned gay by a woman named Susan. He's in denial about his homosexuality, as if he's ashamed of it.
Devin: "I'm not gay! Fuck you!"
by Somechick_73 September 17, 2008
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