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constellation of stars
Andomeda Constellation - Andromeda Niharika
by Ganesh khopade August 11, 2003
heart and soul. somthing no one could live without.
There would be no life without Niharika.
by axtrea August 31, 2006
something beautiful to look at !
wow, that rose is very niharika
by Anonymous July 08, 2003
the word "niharika" is a hindi word. It's actual translation into English is "nebula", which is a cloud of gases in the outer space. In older days, nebula were considered synonymous to galaxy, so "niharika" can be translated as galaxy as well. The translation 'constellation' is also correct upto a certain limit.
ring nebula = ring niharika
by Niharika January 05, 2009
A girl who enjoys listening to music about sexual deception. She has a pet chiwowa named Spunky and spends her days baking and basking in the sun on her trellis overlooking the scenic town of Mt Roskill
1) I hear someone screaming it seems to be coming from miles away it must be Niharika

2) this is the story of nihuricane...*music plays* a girl who the authorites came to claim, for something that she had never done! dun dun dun...*fades out*
by Kizza July 09, 2003
something dirty,unhealthy,and gross
that bottle of fluid is so niharika!
get away from me, you're too niharika!
by anaon December 06, 2004