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A black child.
Look at all the little niglits running around.
by slim__sleuth July 10, 2008
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A short black teenager who is obssessed with stealing and eating other people's foods.
Angry Vandergrift, why are you such a niglit? Always trying to eat my sandwich without asking.
by Dan Chan April 16, 2008
A short black adult.
Normal tall nigga: hey look! Its a black dwarf.

Normal tall nigga #2: NOOOO NIGGA! He be no black drawf, he be a NIGLIT!
by Jo the black man April 27, 2006
the state of intoxication from great quantities of malt liquor and marijuana.
there was a poster of Billy D Williams in the corner store window advertising colt 45, and i had some great weed, so Lando got me completely niglit last night.
by defthands August 05, 2011
a small wannabenigga, a nigga that doesn't size up to anybody, a nigga weighing 145 or less. miniature nigga
man look at this lil nig-lit, thinking he hard and can't beat nobody!
by Ryan Santiago December 31, 2007

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