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(Noun) The small strip of paper that comes inside a Hershey's Kiss.
I was eating Hershey's kisses when I noticed one had two nigglywigglies. I made a Nigglywiggly mustache with them.
by Arkem April 14, 2010
the little piece of paper sticking out of the top of the hershey's kiss
wow i just love looking at those niggly wigglys on those hershey kisses
by YEAHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhHhH April 14, 2010
the thin strip of paper flag that sticks out from Hershey kisses.
*Unwraps and put the Hershey kiss in their mouth, then cringes*

"Eew gross!"

"What happened?!"

"I almost ate the nigglywiggly"
by hernameiswhat April 14, 2010
the little paper flag thing that sticks out the top of a hershey's kiss :]
Today, I found out that the little paper flag thingy that sticks out of the top of a hershey's kiss is called a Nigglywiggly. You learn something new every day!
by puglover159 April 14, 2010
A niggly wiggly is a black person it's just another word like jigaboo.
Damn niggly wiggly stole my wallet!
by This guy nigga! Who you think? January 31, 2011
Any supermarket or grocery store located in an economically challenged African American neighborhood (namely da hood) that carries an array of pig products and meats for human consumption. These stores are located in both urban and rural location within the south – southeast United States. The store should also offer customer services involving checking cashing, ez local phone services, and money transfer. Most locations unusually closed before dusk.
Run me up to the Niggly Wiggly; I need ham hocks for the collards.
by Latte216 June 02, 2010
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