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Plural for nigga, (nigger). A word that describes IGNORANT African-American's. Do not judge the entire African-American race solely on this group.

(Mind you, I am a African-American, and not some racist prick.)
You can't take niggaz anywhere because they always screw things up!

1.) Can be found shouting at the screen in the back of the movie theater.
2.) Occasionally uses slang like their first language.
3.) They come in groups and destroy the friendly atmosphere of any public establishment.
4.) Purposely loud and obnoxious in public to prove how "hardcore" they are.
5.) Start fights with their race like no other.

by Raz June 17, 2006
Plural form of nigga.
(1) Them niggaz was talkin' shit about me.

(2) Wassup my niggaz?
by cazort October 20, 2004
plurar of nigga, but can ONLY be said by someone who is:
a. Black
b. Down wit the brothers
c. Reciting lyrics
Say say say my niggaz, where da hoes at?
by DJ Black June 06, 2005
A pack of dolphins.
Niggaz always be playin' with those beach balls in the water.
by holdie August 03, 2011
Crazy African Americans that love to break the peace by using ebonics and "krump". They can be solaced by being presented with KFC (See Kentucky Fried Chicken) and some grape soda.
Those niggaz always start trouble wherever they go.
Those niggaz always be up in KFC!
"Dem niggaz best recanize! Mhmm."

by chuckyfarts November 28, 2006
Basically Fail Niggas, people who drive up to KFC, walk up to the counter and ask for a McNuggets Meal.
They don't like good rice.
Person 1: Hey look at that those guys, Askin' for McNuggets in a KFC.
Person 2: What Niggaz.
by Ballerz4508 February 26, 2011
Plural Noun - Lovers of lightning bolts and polygons.
You guys like the Harry Potter video game? You niggaz!
by The Ghettos May 19, 2007
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