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A black bro. See bro.

Niggabros often fully embrace typical Caucasian-bro culture, but use their blackness to introduce and embolden their white bro friends to use the word "nigga" colloquially with confidence (at least while around niggabros).

Niggabros usually snowboard, posses the capacity to speak fluent Ebonics at anytime, and generally listen to some form of hardcore gangster rap on the low.
Steve (white): Yo what up my nigga!
Martin (white): Hey dude whats goin' on?
Steve (white): Aw nutthin my nigga just picked up that new Asher Roth joint, shit is hot!
Martin (white): Dude why are you saying "nigga" so much all the sudden.
Steve (white): Aw shit dude, my bad, I was hangin' around my niggabro Edmund all day yesterday!
by mysteriousaphid February 19, 2010
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A real, true, friend who is: Honest, Honorable, Trustworthfy, Thoughtful, and Loyal to his People.

Playa who keeps it real with a playa in the game of life.

That you can look at and say: "That's my Nigga/Bro."

*Rated For All Races/Ethnicities
"That's my niggabro."

"Chill out, that's my niggabro."

"My niggabro is on his way with some papers, so don't worry about it. "

"Dude, my niggabro is mad chill."

by ThoseGuyyys November 29, 2013

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