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The prejudice perceived by a black person when it's not actually there.
"Man, why are you arresting me? Is it because I is black?" "Damn, get over your niggativity, I'm arresting you for killing those 12 people back there."
by carldr January 08, 2006
The property of being an oblong. c.f. triangular.
"The patio is oblongular"
by carldr April 06, 2005
The process of optimising writing and speech by reducing a phrase of the form "x of y" or "the x of the y" to "yx", especially when referring to films and books.
"Man, you look just like Ringlordwizard The Wizard from The Lord Of The Rings"
"Jesus, stop it with the defrenching."
by carldr October 06, 2005
The state of having more than sufficient water to make you unthirsty.
"With these 24 steins of water, I'm in Quench City"
by carldr April 06, 2005
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