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A hairy mutant. Kinda monkey-like.
Colin McKay is the biggest nignog in the tri-state area.
by Coco Regin June 14, 2005
When someone of african decent mixes Cool Aid, a Colt 44 and eggnog, usally during the holidays.
The Obamas are making up a special bacth of Nignog this year.
by Hugh Jaskok January 05, 2009
its eggnog for black people u idiot!
(black man) yo bruv set me sum dat propa chung nignog

(white man) look at them sipping on their nignog...disgusting
by 69magz69 May 07, 2007
Kinda like my nigga but it's nig-nog.
ay, what's poppin' my nig-nog?
by -Quality- May 23, 2011
nignog is a mixed drink preferred among nigger folk. the drink consists of 1 part grape kool-aid, 1 part c-plus orange, and 2 parts olde english.
god damn it, nignog is so black!
by captainblack08 September 20, 2008
Verb. to trick or cause harm to someone.
greyxwind (1:04:42 PM): You hear about that dude who got his head severed in canada?
greyxwind (1:04:51 PM):He got nig nogged real bad.
by Matt Breton of West Haven, CT August 12, 2008
A black man's sperm.
"eat my nig nogs, bitch!"
by G. Darkness August 24, 2009