When you mix Eggnog with any sort of liquor, more often cheap liquor, usually occuring a distance from christmas.
Jack gave jill nignog till she was drunk enough to be hot and bothered by a simple kiss on the neck.
by Su-Spense June 01, 2006
means sumbody rly stupid wif no common sense wot so eva reminds me of rosie and jim the cartoon lol
shut up man ur such a nig nog lol
by lisa marley April 18, 2005
Another word for "Nigger", that orginated in the city of Lake Tapps Washington by a man with the Initials JSDIV, in the year 2003.
That nig nog stole my keys!
by The State of Washington April 04, 2006
1) A homemade drink invented, naturally, through a drunk mistake by annoying dumbass rich little Caucasian boys taking a break from being gay on ecstasy in, of all places, that godforbidden fake brick covered taint of the universe and true home of Flanders, Edmond, Oklahoma. Nig nog's recipe consists of six parts standard egg nog to one part chocolate syrup. Tastes like the exact opposite of haterade, which is bitter and somehow kind of empty. Does not contain malt liquor.
2) The best holiday beverage ever created; sadly it was made first by rich racist cracker assholes who ironically still have the fanciest whips in town, just like their slave-owner great-great-grandfathers, even though slavery is illegal; nig-nog is positively tits with a splash or three of Hennessey or other fine cognac. Add vodka for an ersatz White Russian that will kick your ass. Drink at Kwanzaa, Christmas, or because it's Friday, whenever you can. If you're a honky, you'd better call it "chocolate egg-nog" around black people or you will probably die soon.
3) Sweet female ejaculate sometimes produced by glands inside the vagina of a black woman when she has an exceptionally powerful orgasm. Most easily produced through gentle, slow cunnilingus with careful probing use of fingers. It is delicious, has a heavy musky taste that is awesome and is clinically proven to make Don Imus very horny and happy. Perhaps he will find a new job involving this somehow as his only alternative is cleaning the toilets at the residence of Howard Stern.
1) I saw a little jackoff wigger named Rod from Edmond, Oklahoma lean out of his whip to offer an actual black man some "nig nog" in OKC. CSI identified the remains of the little idiot through dental records a decade later.
2) "Happy Kwanzaa, now hand me some booze for my nig nog, my brother. I'm so happy I can say "nig nog" without fear of an ass kicking because I'm black."
3) Former radio host Don Imus, broke and alone, was recently seen outside his cardboard box performing the Nappy Head Dugout on a team of five nappy-headed hoes for a sandwich and a roll of Canadian pennies. He licked the clit of their power forward for an hour and drank the yummy nig nog that squirted from her hole as she cummed loudly.
by Nappy-Headed Bros. April 12, 2007
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