A term of endearment or greeting used warmly by two friends being careful around PC people who dislike the "N" word.
My best friend, my "Nig-nog" is coming over.
by LeopoldStotch911$$ December 27, 2009
a lactose intolerant blackbear on the eve of christmas
the milky sunset melted along the high risen Colorado blue spruce pines when a bouldering ruckus rattled the leaves and clobbered the brush. A sneak and a peak and an eye widening stare the two froze in silence and out came the bear. Why buddy its hairy and it stands on all fours, "ah fuckut i'll shootem that nignogs lactose intolerant and its christmas eve!"
by Sin to win September 01, 2007
someone you love
you wish they loved you back
your my nignog, but i wish we could be more
by attam January 13, 2008
The byproduct of sexual ecstasy for a gentleman of the darker variety.
Andy loves to drink the nig nog.
by Jim Weaver December 10, 2007
Variation of "nignog" African Tribes, such as "Mobeez" which contain; James, Josh, Tim, Dan & Bren. Are classes as "African Hanibalism"
'Yo Mobeez!''Josh you nignog''mobeez ftw!'
by Mrjosh November 02, 2007
this is either black joe or biggie having a fight in choclate syrup on some choclate ice cream.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa nig nog woggy dog giva dog a wog
by alexbuuum November 27, 2006
Pre-pubescent white male with a penis that dwarfs that of the stereotypical black male. These men are common in North America ages ranging from 17 to 67.
That "cracker" Chad is a nig nog! He made Tyrese look like he was packin' a lil' smokie!
by A Nig Nog January 08, 2008

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