Nig time is a phrase used when there is a large group of black males that are ready to either jump a smaller group of white males and or females, or join a fight/brawl of some sort. The phrase is then said loudly by the leader of the group while he is taking his shirt or wife beater off. Preferably a wife beater.
Mike, Tim, Jack, and Susan were playing baseball in the park and got in an argument with some of the African Americans that they were playing with, when a large group of African Americans came out of the apartment complex next to the park and joined in. The leader of the pack stated,"It's nig time" and took off his white T.
by J-won April 24, 2007
Top Definition
Arriving late to a scheduled event at least twice as long as original promised time.
Hey man what time you coming over?
Uh in 30 minutes!
.... an hour later
damn this fool must be runnin on nig time
by bruddaman February 04, 2011
a time when you or a group of people decide to smoke some ganja. Or, of or relating to ganja in itself.
Me: "Hey man, it's been a long day.. I could really use some nig time"
You: "I'm down. I just picked up some nig time earlier today!"
by (Rage Kage July 08, 2010
When someone you know is always running late and or slow to complete a task; not having a sense of time or urgency.
Me: Man, i've been waiting on my drug dealer to deliver this g.

Friend: Where is this guy,I just want to smoke!
Me: Sorry man, he runs on nig time.
by @asuh July 19, 2016
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