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Nida is a type of marijuana/plant that will typically produce a euphoric, energetic, cerebral high. and is very hard to grow indoors. Nida and Sativa have alot in comman, and make a very good match for each other.Like the Saitva plant, the Nida is the plant that will usually produce the best bud. It is seedless and exceptional.
"Yo, last nigh I smoked that Nida, and dog I wuz jumpin off DA FUCKIN WALLZ!"
by Bitchlette February 25, 2008
21 32
A most intelligent, spritely, fascinating, perfect model of a human being who must be respected and worshipped by all lower forms of people, i.e, you.
Subordinate One : We must hurry to build the glorious Nida a shrine befitting her divine status!
Subordinate Two : Umm ok.
by Nida S. September 14, 2006
186 74
Love her smile and the way she makes you smile.

could look into your eyes and get lost for hours.

love the way she understands your thoughts before you voice them. be there to hold her hand and shield her from any troubles that come her way.

and love saying things that make her blush

carries herself with such elegance and poise thats seen rarely seen in other women, has the most beautiful eyes! , personality of a goddess, and don't even get me started on her smile, lights up a room, just the way it lights up your life.
Nida is the most amazing girl ever
by aknkfk February 11, 2012
49 15
A console for electronics training powered by magic in which the user is rendered confused and frustrated.
Damn you, fucking NIDA! You lie again!
by Faded Ninja May 02, 2007
79 49
In Arabic name means a message or a calling of great improtances. Sometimes specifically refernced to god or other spirtual figures. Also to Native Americans it ment giant
A random: hey wats your gils name?

Brian: Nida

A random: Oh really? no wonrder y u with her..
by bripaw1 February 17, 2010
53 24
A beautiful girl that always makes you smile, she's funny, she makes you feel special, a conversation would never get dull with her. The most huggable and lovable person you'll ever meet. You'll never forget the time you've spent with her.has the best personality in the world, like no other girl. and seems to make friends wherever she goes.
Person #1; That girl is so much fun! No wonder her name is Nida
by foreverlove <3 April 24, 2012
30 4
Nida is adventurous, interesting and extremely fun. She'll introduce you to new experiences and no matter what you do, it™s impossible to not be exceedingly happy when around a Nida. Nida is a girl who will comfort you when you're down and listen to your every word with care and understanding. She is someone everyone admires because of how gorgeous she is both inside and out. One should always keep Nida close by their side for she will protect, shelter and stand up for them. Nida will always be remembered by the hearts she has touched for she has made a huge influence on their lives.
Nida is amazing
by glitterseverything April 23, 2012
24 4
The National Institute on Drug Abuse. They are a government run group whose purpose is to lie about the dangers of drugs (particularly marijuana).
NIDA says marijuana can be habit forming. HAHAHAHAHA! LIE!
by Hydroman1071 July 27, 2006
68 60