Is the coolest Filipino in California. He is Known by the coolest person named Tati
OH DAMN, Ain't that Nico
by liddo January 13, 2007
A genderfluid who loves video games and drawing, is quiet but is loved by many who sees
Boy: omfg have you seen Nico

Girl: yeah it's great because some days they look like a boy and others a girl

Boy: that's so brave!
by Nico Di Alhan October 15, 2015
A boy concerned with his looks and smokes a lot of weed.
Aka Posh Spice
Nico - "Damn I look good today!"
by Cookie Monster and Ernie April 06, 2010
Someone that tells one things that plays with their image of themselves or ego. Used in the song "Mr. Nice Guy" by The Kooks.
"But you're acting like a nico, playing with your ego."
by Hugh Harris December 23, 2011
A good person with a good heart but can be shy but loves to argue with a certain someone like ilona.
BOY 1: yo nigga have you seen nico?

BOY 2: the one that loves to argue with ilona?

BOY1: yhyh

BOY2: right over there arguing with ilona
by Nancy femin January 29, 2011
an incredibly hot and sexy redhead that is constantly getting stalked by four girls
Also commonly misspelled as "Neeko"
Girl 1: Did you see Nico today? He was looking pretty hot!

Girl 2: Ohhh yeah, don't worry I saw him. I even got a picture of him when he wasn't looking!
by Megarooski April 20, 2010
A medium height dashingly handsome boy with
shoulder length hair and bulging muscles.He can usually be found consuming insane amounts of alcohol whilst smoking.Most of his friends know him as lancelot or cheap-hoe(name not related to decisions made by said person although he does get laid quite often.)
Random guy: Dude did you see Nico last night !?

Random guy #2: Ya bro he was tearing shit up last night, I've never seen anyone drink that much!

Random guy: Seriously he was an animal i cant believe he slept with that hottie at the party she was almost untouchable
by Simplevieu February 06, 2009
A word used to describe a super cunt faggot.

Also used as a medical term to describe a mentally I'll patient.
What a nico.
by Cdog2277 March 11, 2015
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