A Nerd who is considered to be homosexual or very wihny.
Dont act like nico. Dont be pu**y
by popokopf3 November 18, 2013
Abbreviation for "nicotine", usually referring to the vapour produced by e-cigarettes, used as a means of achieving a nicotine buzz.
Guy 1: Ay yo Kreutzer, you hittin' that nico baby?
Guy 2: (Puffing away on an e-cigarette) AWW YEA, PC'S!!!
by dr.leary June 27, 2011
Nicos is homosexual male. He can usually be found in his bedroom alone. He enjoys penetration in the anus by other male companions.
Nicos is usually alone with his male companion.
by sirbilliam February 24, 2012
A guy who wears a skirt
OMG look at that guy wearing a skirt!
Haha hes such a Nico
by xxkikilolxx November 12, 2010
Is the coolest Filipino in California. He is Known by the coolest person named Tati
OH DAMN, Ain't that Nico
by liddo January 13, 2007
Nissan/Infinity Car Owners' Club

The baddest club/forum/Nissan enthusiasts in the world.
How the hell did you get 18" Axis 7's with Toyo Proxes for only $200?

One of my homies on NICO hooked me up!
by §tev0n March 15, 2005
A bright, spoiled but all too loveable lil sister.. often jealous of her older sisters, she tries to compete to no avail.. She was adopted by the family from some sewer rat people in New York City, and has been with them ever since. A great aunt. Always thinks of others. Is waaaaay too boy crazy.
You like HIM too? Gosh, ur such a NICO!
by Panganay February 03, 2010
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