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Nicklaus (Nick) is a jerk. He is shy until you get to know him, but then he talks A LOT. He is funny and really cute. He is sweet and treats his lover the best.....until he leaves her. Watch out for Nicklaus, because he'll break your heart in a matter of seconds. He can be a bastard. DON'T FALL FOR HIM!
"Nicklaus is the best person ever!"
"Really?!? Cause he cheated on me..."
by LOLOL WHY ME?!?! March 19, 2013
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A total jerk. He's mean to a bunch of people but nice to the girls he hits on. If he didn't have a girlfriend (at one point) then people would think he's gay. He is supa mean and weird and he thinks he's cool but he's not. His ex girl friend shoulda left him first cuz he's a jerk. He's mean and i don't think he knows how much he hurts people.....
"Why is Nicklaus (Nick) a total jerk? He was so nice..."
"IDK...get ova it.."
by you wish you knew who i am March 20, 2013
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Nicklaus (Nick) is a pretty nice guy. Only he made one mistake. He used a pretty, super sweet, amazing girl just to get to another gal who's already taken by Nick's best friend. He's a total dick--oh wait, he doesn't have one. He twists words around and tells his ex every bad little thing that happened between them is her fault. He flirts with this other gal and then lies about it. Watch out for Nick. He's a nice guy but don't become his lover cuz he'll dump you the next day for your best friend.
"I just met Nicklaus today."


"He's a jerk."

by greensnowleopard101 March 23, 2013
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A douche bag guy who isn't appreciative of anything and uses the most awesome girl to get one of her best friends who already has a boyfriend..... He makes my sissy sad for reasons she doesn't even know and tells people to go 2 hell well I've gotta say-- I'm not the one who should go to hell you bastard; Mexican Santa; the stupidest piece of shit I know
Nicklaus: Oh I love you
Sissy: Oh I love you too :)

Nicklaus: I'm breaking up with you
Sissy: What?

*holds hand and she forgets everything*

Nicklaus: Oh I'm breaking up with you
Sissy: Oh yeah, good one :)
Nicklaus: No I love your best friend goodbye I'm going to ignore you forever now and be nice to all of your friends bye bye now

Sissy: Oh no I'm sad why do I care
Me: Ummmm yeah just stop caring he's a douche it's ok it's better now I'm here for you sissy :)

Sissy be dere for u gurl u don't need no dumb Meaxican Santa
by Best Sissy EVAHHHHH March 20, 2013
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Nick should call his down south little nick because he has a Napoleon dick. He is a just a noisy little prick. He pisses his pants how long until your mamma potty trains you. Better question, how many times has she banged you. Your girl-boyfriend (sorry) just called. He says you bang him harder than a truck. Knowing you, you probably get paid to fuck. No, actually, his boyfriend says he got offered a couple dollars. Nick said no getting jizzed on by men makes me holler. Before we end, I'd just like to say, nick dresses well for someone who bangs gays.
Nicklaus is such a dick....too bad he doesn't have one
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