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Nichi is everything, Whenever you are struggling to think of a word to describe how you feel, what you want to do, who you want to see, etc, Nichi is your word. First heard being used by young nichis at the University of Texas, nichi will soon be taking the world by storm. Nichi is an all inclusive word so the synonyms include nearly every word with a positive connotation in the english language (but especially engbar). Antonyms include douchenichi and fuckin salander.
1.Wanna go smoke some nichi?
2. I'm the happiest nichi in all of nichville today
3. The niches are coming, we better prepare the niches to munch on
4. nichi nichi engbar and nichi plc.
5. Nichi Von Nichenstien (A very awesome nich)
6. Peace be the nichi
by SaharaSuhlPragerBondLielStoned March 29, 2011
1) cree term meaning my brother
2) word used for describing native canadians in the prairie area
hey allow a nichi too mooch off ya

nichi hold up

nichi where u from?
by nichidancer May 31, 2006
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