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In the world of Poker...
A lot of people think "nice hand" means well played. But they would say well played if they meant well played. "Nice hand" actually refers to the player relying on nothing but their hand to win the pot. Referring to the outcome as pure luck and not their skills that won him the pot.
In Texas Holdem

flop, turn and river goes: 10, 3, 3, 2, 7

Player 1: shows 10,10 -full house

Player 2: shows 3,3 -4 of a kind

Player 1 goes "SHIT nice hand"
by Nost September 03, 2010
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Said by players who get a bad beat or rivered.
Player 1: Goes all in preflop with AA
Player 2: Goes all in preflop with KK

Player 2: Hits his set and wins the pot

Player 1: "Stupid mother fu.., I mean nice hand."
by stig217 March 11, 2010
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Having no attractive qualities, ugly
You should go out with her, she has nice hands.
by Thetruthistold February 25, 2012
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