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When a guys testicles get sweaty.
I'm getting niagara balls in here, it's so fucking hot.
by a fashionista December 04, 2004
The feeling of having your nuts bombarded with water while being in the shower.
Asshole #1: Why are you limping coming out of the shower?
Asshole #2: I have niagara balls.
Asshole #1: Fucking sucks dude.
by thermochemistrybeastrocksuface October 09, 2009
When you pour beer on your balls and someone drinks the beer flowing off of your sac.
1. The woman really enjoyed best during a Niagara Balls.
2. When I battle hip-hop, I climb the wall 'cause my rhymes they flow like Niagara Balls.
3. A forehead chug is for losers, let's do a Niagara Balls.
4. When I'm in a passionate situation, I like to offer up Niagara Balls to my lady.
by Pecker Samurai July 03, 2014
Thinking about a huge waterfall when you're at the urinal. You know you have to pee, but you have shy bladder syndrome. You've got to go to that special place.
Daggumit. Shy bladder syndrome again? Gotta think: Niagara Balls
by Ae5Ea8 March 18, 2015
When temperature and humidity are so high that, even the slightest form of movement, causes you to sweat profusely particularly, in the case, from a man's nether region.
It was so hot at work today and I was sweating so bad, it was like Niagara Balls running down my leg.
by Hell Hound July 23, 2013
When you have diarrhea so watery and explosive, that when it hits the water, it splashes up and hits your testicles. Usually associated with Mexican, Chinese, or Indian foods.
Oh man, that burrito supreme gave me the worst Niagara Balls last night, I almost clogged the toilet.
by Kerplah July 07, 2013
The unfortunate effect of excessive heat on male genitalia resulting in an insane amount of perspiration in the testicular region.
I was going to go to the carnival last night, but it was so hot out I got niagara balls as soon as i walked outside.
by SuddenlySilly June 01, 2011
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