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Slang term used for the drug 2c-b.

-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxyphenethylamine (2C-B) is a synthetic chemical in the phenethylamine class. It is related structurally to mescaline, DOB, and distantly to MDMA.
Lets get some nexus tonite so we can see bee's

I got some good nexus last nite in the club.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
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a portal or gateway to another dimention
lets take that nexus home spot!
by y0 March 11, 2003
A Heel Stable in WWE World Wrestling Entertainment.that is currently competing on its Raw brand. The Nexus originally consisted of the eight contestants of the first season of NXT.The Nexus is lead by NXT Season 1 winner Wade Barrett. Two members were kicked out. They have a saying, you're either nexus or you're against us.
by Makaveli107 August 19, 2010
a link, connection or ie between objects. Also known as the centre of things
The nexus of our universe is the sun.
There is a nexus between the murder or your sister, and your brother.
by WiL November 07, 2004
The awesomest game ever
NexusTK is the best game ever created.
by MythcStryker January 26, 2004
1. The best game ever.
2. The worst game ever.
3. God dammit.
I used to love Nexus, but now god dammit.
by Nai October 04, 2003
Hair conditioner.
I used to use Pantene, but now that I've switched to Nexus my hair is oh so bouncy, and I have better orgasms.
by Jacomba February 27, 2004

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