the BEST state ever!!! okay we know what real food taste like everyone knows that a bun is not the same as a bagel~our drinking water is the best~& our food just kicks ass~ if u correct someones grammer you'r a fag~Manthatten is called the city~we have a fucking attiude & we aint afraid 2 show it cause where fucking great~don't ever mess with a newyorker~the bronx, Brooklyn, Manhatten,Staten island, & Queens are the 5 borrows of NY~Jersey is like the 2nd NY but just ISN'T the same @ all~guys=if ur in love with a NY girl raise ur glasses if ur not raise ur standerds
<3,<3,<3 NEW YORK<3. THE city that never sleeps.<3 <33333333333
by Krissykrisskristen September 19, 2007
The most overrated city in the world, massively overhyped by the American press and people in general. Former New Yorkers all rave about how great the city is, yet don't live or even visit the actual city anymore. Currently being run (poorly) by Michael Bloomberg.
If New York is the "Greatest City in the World," then North Korea must be the Greatest country in the world.
by KRHimself March 21, 2005
A state in the United States thats money is sucked away from upper NY by a certain city sticking off some island.
NYC raised the tolls at the thruway even though they don't even use them.

Sen. Hillary Clinton loves to use Upstate New York to gain money for herself and practice for when she's in the white house.
by Upstate NY needs to break away April 22, 2005
A festering cesspool of greed and corruption. (see Jew) A place so full of arseholes and wankers you would beleive yourself to be in some tacky American "Drama". Avoid as your would a Turbercular.
New York City (or any other major American city.
by Zerstoren March 11, 2006
The second worst state in the U. S., after Illinois. (Unlike Illinois, New York didn't require a three-fifths majority of both houses of its state legislature to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.) People upstate aren't that much nicer than people in New York City. The superiority complexes on roids are infuriating. Even 90% of upstate New Yorkers have a superiority complex. It wouldn't matter for whom New Yorkers vote, because the winner would govern poorly. I am not surprised that anyone would want to crash a plane into a building within New York City, and I wouldn't be surprised by a terrorist attack upstate either. I am not surprised that cars with a New York license plate get stopped in other states because of anti-New York sentiment. If I didn't live in New York, I would rather lose a limb than go back to New York.
"I'm glad I don't live in New York anymore." Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
Major United States city with asshole people. The city smells very bad. The city dumb is on large boats on the river. You also cannot drive in that city because of too many asshole taxi drivers and regular asshole people. Too expensive to live their. Try to stay away from NY.
1: "New York smells like ass."
2: "New York has asshole people."
by Kucamonga Kid March 24, 2005
New York is the city that's home to the greatest bunch of losers that anyone has ever seen. they pronounce all there syllables like a bunch of guys that take it up the ass and love to kiss ass to get to a postion. People from New York that play call of duty 2 for xbox live have gay ass gamertags like AWESOME O and brag how New York is the greatest city in the world when in reality it is home to the greatest bunch of c*cksuckers on the planet.
hey man have you played AWESOME O yet? He's a little bitch from New York that sucks at Call of Duty 2 and sounds like he has taken it up the bum more than once
by theGeneration June 03, 2006

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