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A STATE in the Northeastern US. Has much more going for it than NYC, which is still a great city. Also has very beautiful landsapes upstate and on long island. A state that about 99% of people judge by NYC, which takes up less than 1% of the state's land. Oh yeah, and yes, they do put NY on the mail, what kind of a stupid question is that?
There is WAY more to New York than just New York City.
by dammitismyword June 11, 2005
The states on or near the Atlantic ocean. The most educated part of the United states, with the Ivy League schools throughout the Northeast, and several high ranking private Univeersities in the Southeast, like Duke and Clemson. Way better than the West Coast, because it is much more down to Earth and much more populated. Also, the east coast beaches are contraty to popular beleif, much better than the cold, smelly, crappy sanded, west coast beaches.
The East Coast get's a bad rap, yet is the best and biggest part of the country.
by dammitismyword June 11, 2005
An exremely underrated city in Upstate New York on Lake Ontario and the Genessee River. Has very nice people, a lot of history, and a real family feel. Seabreez, Six Flags Darien lake are great amusment parks in the area. There is a Fast Ferry that goes to Toronto. There are plenty of fun things to do if you look around and get off of your lazy ass. Lightyears better than Buffalo and Syracuse.
Rochester is a great place that gets a bad rap.
by dammitismyword June 03, 2005

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