ommon misconceptions:
#1: new jersey is an industrial dump
while its true we have industry, its only near the border, we keep the inside nice and awsome , the industry just keeps the evil newyorkers and pennsylvanians from getting in
#2: we say joisey
no, only new yorkers drop the "new" and forget the "r"
#3 we are all poor and ugly
wrong agian, new jersey is wealthy, and has some of the finest ass around,
man: oh your from new jersey, what exit? HAHAH

NJ dude:..... at least im smart enough to know how a car works

man: im gonna go run into a pole now
by mykel.d2 May 31, 2005
"The Garbage State"

Residents often mistake bad grammar for an "accent" (i.e: "Hey, I thought you WAS from Jersey, too. Isn't everyone?")

Ironically, the ONLY people who like this hell hole are the trash that live there.
I love New Jersey 'cause I've never been outside this state to know otherwise!
by NJSux November 22, 2004
Easton, Pennsylvania isn't the end of the world, but we can see it across the river.
You came from Jersey? I'm so sorry.
by Jersey makes me sick December 11, 2003
Hell on earth
When I die, I hope I don't end up in New Jersey
by Shasta McNasta October 28, 2003
A land of great evil. Also known as one the most stinkiest places in all of man kind. One day I decided that I would have to travel through the land of great evil. Little did I know what great evil lied in it. First, as I was driving I noticed that all of my fellow car drivers were extremely bad at driving. This is one of the first things that one encounters in the land of evil. Second, I decided that I would get a bite to eat for the rest of my journey. Little did I know that in the towns it is full of Mall after Mall after Mall to infinity. Culture is extremely rare in this cursed land. From what I could see the land of New Jersey, it might as well been named Caucasia. When I finally exited the cursed land I sighed in relief.
"No man go in those waters; no man come out"
by Mateo February 28, 2005
Toxic waste dump of a state, both literally and figuratively.
"I just love swimming at the Jersey shore...ouch...fuck! I think i just stepped on another AIDs infected hypodermic needle."
by Anonymous September 05, 2003
it's supposed to smell that bad!
by Nate June 09, 2003
The Capital of Sicily (since the good Italians arent from Sicily); ie. The armpit of America. Known as the garden state because... well, they do... eh... Are in no way associated with anything beautiful and living!
I hate people (who are from _______)/ (who look like ______)/ (whose skin is ______)/ (who think that____)
by Paccali February 25, 2003
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