A big, urban, fast, big, American, big, landmarked, tourist attraction and did I mention big city located on the Eastern Seaboard on the Atlantic Ocean on the United States. Split into 5 parts, Manhatten, Staten (Long) Island, Queens, The Bronx and Brooklyn. Everything in New York is BIG! The buildings are big, the population is big, the people have big attitudes along with big hearts at the same time, the influence is big, the number of things you can do are big and the number of places you can eat and live are big. The only thing that's small in NY is the Cotton Club. Also known as the Big Apple and the City That Never Sleeps. Holder of Central Park, The Empire State Building, Times Square, Radio City, 8 million people, 7 sports teams (Rangers, Islanders, Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants and Knicks) and a hell of alot of character and influence. Apparently went through a really bad period from the Stock Market Crash to Guliani becoming mayor where there were huge crime rates, poverty rates etc. But after Guliani came in, he cleaned the city up. I DO know this, because I went to New York and it was great.
I went to New York City in May and I loved it. The atmosphere is great where everyone's walking around, it's safe, it's clean, there's alot to do, the people are really nice and it has character. The city itself is a wonder of the world. Only problem about New York is it's easy to get lost. But you've just got to watch where your going, that's all.
by HockeyRockNRollDude June 17, 2007
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the unofficial capital of the United States of America
I (heart) N.Y.
by remmy April 08, 2004
Without a doubt, the most exciting city in America. I seriously don't know why NYC is compared to Los Angeles. There's a huge difference and LA isn't half the city NYC is.
Better city in America? Not very fucking likely...
by Kyle February 10, 2005
Best, most exciting city in the whole wide world (I'm not american by the way) with some of the friendliest (really) people and the best food. Where else can you buy a giant pretzel? or nuts? or a huge pizza on the street? It's one of those places everyone should go to, at least once.
You should go to New York City!
by 3000 July 16, 2004
the capital of the world
all life revolves around new york city
by nadie February 28, 2005
A great city in the U.S.A full of different cultures and people and a lot of freaks (you know who you are!!)
New York City- The Irish built it, the Jews own it and the Italians run it!!
by i dunno? March 12, 2005
Metropolis; the biggest city in the United States and one of the biggest cities in the world. The financial and economic capital of the United States and the Western Hemisphere. Like any other city, whether its visible on the surface or not, there's crime, poverty and excess in New York City, alongside some of the wealthiest people in the world. It differs from other cities in the US in that the cityscape is more of a contiguous metropolis than Los Angeles, Boston or Chicago. Residents are (surprise surpise) very proud of their city; they have a reputation for being rude, arrogant and boisterous but it is a stereotype that doesn't hold true in every circumstance.
New Yorker: Yeah NYC is the greatest city in the entire fuckin' world and dont you fuggetit

Me: Yeah I was in New York City in 2003 and I was flying out of Newark and the sky above NYC was green

New Yorker: Yeah but its a real city

Me: K, whatever
by Perfect_Cheezit September 16, 2004
Birthplace of rap and home of the 5 Boroughs (Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Staten Island) and easily the best city in the U.S.
The best city in the whole damn U.S., and maybe in the world
by Adept March 25, 2005

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