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Best, most exciting city in the whole wide world (I'm not american by the way) with some of the friendliest (really) people and the best food. Where else can you buy a giant pretzel? or nuts? or a huge pizza on the street? It's one of those places everyone should go to, at least once.
You should go to New York City!
by 3000 July 16, 2004
Peninsular in southern Europe, not really a country more a group of city states that still hate each other, but prefer football to wars now.
Home of the best food in the world aswell as the most beautiful cities and the most passionate football fans in the world.
Italy is so great, I'm also going there on holiday this year!

by 3000 July 16, 2004
Used to the describe the act of completing a biotch.
Yo bra, you done biotching that biotch yet, biotch.
by 3000 January 30, 2004

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