The epitome of gentrification, New York is a prime example of socioeconomic inequality. You see neighborhoods like the financial district where the only people that can afford to live there are insanely wealthy, and then you see neighborhoods like Hunts Point, a source of abject poverty. When the Russians bashed on capitalism, New York was exactly what they were thinking of.
Aaron: Hey you want to go up to New York City for the weekend?
Jane: And spend $30 on a hamburger at Shake Shack? No thanks.
by knarf1995 April 23, 2013
New York City is a massive pile of garbage on America's east coast, and is thankfully downwind to the rest of America's citizens. It is the only city in the country that prides itself on being over-priced, filthy, and rude to visitors, yet out-of-towners still show up in droves.

Citizens of New York City are generally douchebags. They rarely take pride in anything they've accomplished in life, but rather where their mother happened to shit them out. People who no longer live in NYC will tell you how great it is (in barely understandable English) even though you didn't ask and couldn't care less.

As of 9/11/2001, apparently EVERYONE in New York City and the surrounding cities, or even people who had a layover there once, narrowly averted death by changing their travel plans that day. They usually tell this to everyone within earshot to score sympathy.

In summation, New York City is to be avoided at all costs. Furthermore, Hollywood should stop making lame-ass movies and TV shows there, because we're all fucking sick of it.

Vinny: "I say Queens is the bestest burrough in New York City!"

Bob: "You live in Seattle now, retard. Nobody here gives a shit."
by Monster of Maple Street December 19, 2006
To be New York City is to have a mentalerty of being better than everyone else, to be NYC is a good thing.

See Prada (by princess tidy)
Fashon is so revolting we hve to change it every 6 months but dam that gurl looks NYC
by CheekyRob February 19, 2004
A big, urban, fast, big, American, big, landmarked, tourist attraction and did I mention big city located on the Eastern Seaboard on the Atlantic Ocean on the United States. Split into 5 parts, Manhatten, Staten (Long) Island, Queens, The Bronx and Brooklyn. Everything in New York is BIG! The buildings are big, the population is big, the people have big attitudes along with big hearts at the same time, the influence is big, the number of things you can do are big and the number of places you can eat and live are big. The only thing that's small in NY is the Cotton Club. Also known as the Big Apple and the City That Never Sleeps. Holder of Central Park, The Empire State Building, Times Square, Radio City, 8 million people, 7 sports teams (Rangers, Islanders, Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants and Knicks) and a hell of alot of character and influence. Apparently went through a really bad period from the Stock Market Crash to Guliani becoming mayor where there were huge crime rates, poverty rates etc. But after Guliani came in, he cleaned the city up. I DO know this, because I went to New York and it was great.
I went to New York City in May and I loved it. The atmosphere is great where everyone's walking around, it's safe, it's clean, there's alot to do, the people are really nice and it has character. The city itself is a wonder of the world. Only problem about New York is it's easy to get lost. But you've just got to watch where your going, that's all.
by HockeyRockNRollDude June 17, 2007
Colloquialism for the city of New York, most often used in those occasions where the metropolis must be distinguished from the rest of the state. However, does not exist as an official, political entity; the official name of the city IS, indeed, just the City of New York. For instance, Kansas City is officially the City of Kansas City, but New York is not officially the City of New York City.
There is actually no such thing as New York City; that's not the official name. There is, however, such thing as the City of New York.

Source: Wikipedia.
by Shreve Lamb and Harmon October 19, 2005
Home to Spider-Man and every other Marvel super hero you don't give a shit about.
Another Marvel super hero? He must live in "New York City".
by Emo-Parker October 20, 2013
The city of dreams. Stereotypes are parcially true, yet not fully.
Not ALL New York City residents are douchebags.

The only douchebags there, are the ones in the business district 'cause they have to pay their rent. It's a job. Give them a break.
We do all drink coffee, We don't always enjoy the tourists.
And yeah, we do have pride in our city, well, don't you? We love where we live, and isn't that enough?

You like to talk about where YOU live right? Well we just happen to bring it up in almost every conversation about it.
If you know a TRUE new yorker, you'll know we're blunt, sometimes mean, but often extremely sweet, welcoming, and friendly. We keep to ourselves, and like to get things done, which means no 2-hour conversations at the grocery store while getting milk.

And for everyone who thinks Broadway, and theatre is gay, and the people are fake? They are the realest and most amazing people you will meet.
9/11 was a terrible day for America. People who are truly affected from the attack, and bring it up at the right time? GIVE THEM A BREAK. The people who DON'T live here usually bitch a moan about it like it's their job, so don't assume them to ACTUALLY LIVE HERE- People DON'T like to talk about it...
This place is amazing for those who love it. If you don't like it, you don't like it. Just don't knock it till you've actually been here, and stop calling us assholes, cause you guys are seriously disturbed.
New York City Pizza and bagels are THE best. They suck everywhere else, get over it.
sorry boston.
by Cityzen September 04, 2012
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