Ahh New Jersey aka- Jersey, and the arm pit of america. Jersey stinks no doublt about it, and the only reason why people from Jersey say it dosen't, is because they are used to it. Jersey sucks and they know it they are just jealous of eveyone else. The only good things about Jersey is the shore, the tweeter center and mabey some of thier malls but i have King of Prussia so i don't care. The drivers suck and somehow the migrate to PA to piss us off. Sure there are lots of rich people in jersey, but they are mostly in north jersey and it's because they work in New York. Plus the dumbest laws! Lazy asses can't even pump their own gas! And anyone who thinks there are more flyers fans in jersey is sadly mistaken and should take my advice and never say that aloud in Philly.
A: Ewww... what's that smell?
B: We're in Jersey
A: ohh......why are we in New Jersey?
#jersey #shore #philly #stink #new york
by philadelphian March 07, 2006
New Jersey is....alot of things but i'll just stick with retro. New jersey is home to the largest amount of emo kids this world has ever seen. The emo kids in NJ just stand on the street corners and look so cool with their cut hair and angry glances. This state has the best BANDS ever BARNIDA, I LOVE PI, even MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE,and Memoirs OF THE FALLEN-those are just my favorites. OMG! and they all preform at clubs in morristown and montclair! now if i were you iD go to new jersey right now and see them along with the jersey shore because it's just lovely! i went down to wildwood on a school trip for the first time an i couldn't belive how amazing it was! i'v been to the bahamas and the jersey shore is way more beautiful! plus the boardwalk has the best rides and food ever. and by the way right now in New Jersey BATTLE OF THE BANDS is going on so vote 4 BARNIDA!!!
Hey Tiffany gosh i'm so bored of being a loser and only listening to stupid signed bands!

Well emo child lets go down to New Jersey, Montclair at the Bloomfield Ave cafe and see Barnida play live at all ages night!
by emochild4life August 02, 2005
part of the east coast's infamous "emo trio" (NJ, PA, and MD/DC) where nearly all of the good emo bands come from. also where all of the crappy ones come from, but this matters not.
Lauren: "so Dave, are we hitting new jersey this weekend so we can cry at a show."
Dave: "of course Lauren, but only if you're up for shagging in my band's ultra-hip chevy astro."
Lauren: "oh Dave, you know it!"
by Lauren February 19, 2003
Pronounced by Spanish-speaking people as Nueva Hershey.
Let's go to Hershey City. It is in Nueva Hershey. We can see the Nueva York skyline from there.
by Nutmegger September 24, 2003
a disgusting dump, its so polluted there its disgusting.

#disgusting #polluted #sickening #global warming #nasty
by new jersey haterr February 17, 2009
Maryland's bitch.
NJ Guy: Heyy

Girl: Heyy where are you from?

NJ Guy: I'm from New Jersey, you?

Girl: Eww, get away from me...

MD Guy: Is this guy messing with you?

Girl: Yeah he is, who are you and where did you come from?

MD Guy: I come from the greatest land of all, Maryland,

#scum #trash #new jersey douchebag #little fat munchkin #oompa loompa
by JMUdukes July 28, 2008
the garden state. see boobs
dude, new jersey is awesome, i eat lots of vegetables
by ACDCrocksMYsocks November 21, 2004
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