very very very very very very nice
Nevin Is very very very very very nice
by Nevin January 26, 2005
A goat, plain and simple.

Also refers to someone who is studious or a recluse.
Look over there at those peoples. They look so Nevin sitting next to those chomping Nevins.
by Cav Crew January 04, 2010
A slow person who has to take a geometry multiple times and has an afro.
Nevins are often mixed in race, 7ft tall and, blind in one eye.
The weird kid who is clumsy and has one eye is such a Nevin.
by godsBitch April 12, 2011
Never ever ever...
I would NEVIN listen to R.Kelley
by mizundastood68 April 20, 2003
A half-pitched tent.
A boner that is not to full potiential.
A boner that just natually happens and is not when you see a hot girl.
Don't look now, but that kid's got a Nevin. It's so small.
by Nevinator August 02, 2006
never ever to the TENTH power (never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever)
"NEVIN was there a gas cap on that thing!!!!"

"NEVIN am I going to fit this sandwich into my mouth!!"
by Aknegles January 25, 2005
never ever ever to the tenth power
I would nevin fuck that ass hole
by Toni & Julie April 18, 2003

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