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to be taken advantage of or swindled out of money otherwise.
That used car dealer really netflixed you on that piece-of-junk car you got.
by hydro-trip October 24, 2011
When a girl leads you on and feigns interest only to get something from you such as your Netflix password.
-Man, I've been seeing Maggie for three weeks and all we do is watch movies. I thought she was into me and now she says she just wants to be friends.

-dude you totally got netflixed.
by Dixiestacker March 24, 2016
When someone abruptly changes the topic of conversation as it's winding down to start a new round of discussion, or before a participant can finish a point. One party is looking to conclude the conversation and move on with their lives, while the other is looking to engage in binge-levels of discussion because they have no other commitments and are most likely hungover.
Sorry I'm so late to your piano rehearsal. I was trying to leave the office but I kept getting Netflixed by Steve.

You got Netflixed (said to someone unable to finish a point)
by RundyMC October 02, 2015
The point when one realizes that they have no idea when they will be caught up on their instant streaming cue of TV shows and movies.
A: Hey, you should check out this new show they put on Instant Play!
B: That sounds great, but I don't know when I'll get around to it. I'm pretty Netflixed as it is.
A: I don't care how Netflixed you are! Make this one a priority, even if it Netflixes you further!
by hiebz January 22, 2014
The act or completion of watching a movie from Netflix, either on-line or via mail.
"I just Netflixed a movie that I will watch over and over again."
by Carmelitatime January 07, 2010
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