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A group of college students who came together to form a Heavy Metal band that does Covers of old NES games. Such as Megaman, Contra, and Mario.
Neskimos were tearing up that Contra song.
by INFAMOUS C January 07, 2004
28 3

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A kick-ass band that does covers of NES and SNES songs
Did you hear the NESkimos wordContrawordcover? Holy hell it kicks ass
by Pitts October 14, 2003
10 0
What happens when Mario, Dr. Wily, and Simon Belmont make a Heavy Metal rock band.

Many jokes about sodomizing Belmont are made in the process.

They do NES and SNES covers, and rock your face.
This is your face.
This is your face being rocked by the NESkimos!
by Cid_Highwind August 24, 2004
12 4
"Popo" and "Nana", from the early NES game "Ice Climber." Until they appeared in the Gamecube game "Super Smash Bros. Melee", no one knew who they were.
The NESkimos got their asses kicked off the mountain again... Dammit! *takes out the cartridge and chucks it across the room*
by Jason L. October 22, 2005
8 14