shitty ass school in pennslyvania.....
fuck im going to neshaminy high school next year goddamnit ima commit suicide
by Wsup123321 May 12, 2009
Top Definition
This is a school that is filled with tools, freaks, preps bums and pricks. It is a terrible place to go because the people are so stuck up. Most students think that they are so tough and mess with kids that are smaller than them or have some sort of dissability. The football team is for some reason looked up to. Most kiss their ass hoping to become part of their click. The teachers are good but the students are a bunch of spoiled pricks who think they are better than everyone because they borrowed their moms BMW and drove to school.
Neshaminy students are very enjoyable to be around.
by Mr. Slap July 10, 2008
Go red skins! Neshaminy High School is the best high school possible.. Sorry that I'm laughing, I just couldn't say that with a straight face. Anyway, most badasses skip class and go to the guardrail to smoke a cigarette, or sometimes even a joint. It is also very easy to skip class and just go to lunch, but you don't want the lunch aid Nancy to notice you. The best rent-a-cop there is Hunter, but don't get on his bad side or he might arrest you. This school is full of preps and jocks. Oh and don't forget to set a dead cat on fire in the bathroom before you graduate!
Jess: Oh no, my friend just committed suicide last night!!
Joe: I guess she went to Neshaminy?
Jess: Yeah..=
by Avalanche! June 20, 2008
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