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A one of a kind, fantastic girl. The girl who can always make you laugh. She's crazy, amazing, caring, artistic, and just plain wonderful. She's beautiful and unique. Tends to have random obsessions. Neroli will be the person who makes you smile when you feel terrible, and makes you laugh until you can't breathe. Has an amazing taste in music. Is not afraid to be completely herself, and was born to stand out. Respects herself, and is completely comfortable in her own skin. Has a way of making everyone around her feel happy. Neroli will be totally mental sometimes but at least she will never be afraid to be crazy. Because she doesn't care if stupid people judge her. It would be their loss. All around beyond amazing.The best friend you will ever have.
"Wow, what is that girl doing? People are looking"
"Must be a Neroli, she's weird but she's so cool I wish I was her."
"Man, you're right. I'm jealous now, that girl seems awesome!"
by thepersonwhoisreally cool November 24, 2011
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nerolis are amazing people who like too eat goldfish. she'll make anyone smile any day cuz she's so funny.
man, i wish i were a neroli!

dude me too! they are so kool!
by couchsofafuton December 23, 2010
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watch it bitch or im goona shove my dick in your neroli!!
by freaks at home December 23, 2003
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