A mix between a nice guy and a jerk. Starts off with a little bit of jerk characteristics. Act like she is not the last woman on earth. A nerk also acts as if he knows he could always get another girl. He also treats the woman he wants like a woman who he is not terribly interested in. The nerk doesnt start out too fast or gets clingy or jealouse. The nerk is also unpredictable. They are normally popular, funny, and exciting. They never keep the same routine. They also display half the affection they would like to show. They advance as time goes on. They make the girl WANT HIM. She has to work at it a bit. He never over does something she likes. He is mister big man in public, but tender in private. This is a new breed of man.
"WOW, that mans a nerk."

"I wish ever man was nerk!"

girlfriend- "I went out with a guy last night, he was kind of a jerk, but at the same time he was the a nice guy. There's something about him that intrigues me. He was not a typical guy. He was perfect."

Friend- "He musta been one of those nerks! WOWZERS :)"
by John 92 February 28, 2012
Top Definition
Geek + Nerd
He is smart as a nerd but childish as a geek.
Boy1: I've just pass all my exams and I finally collected all of starwars comics movies and video games!!!

boy2: You are such a nerk...
by james amir April 18, 2010
Unpleasant person, derived from the British sitcom of the 1970s "Porridge".
You 'orrible Nerk! You set me up with the screws!
by Dale Patrick (Padiaow) August 16, 2006
A slang term for chips in parts of Northern England. Mostly Yorkshire.
I'm off to the chippy to get a bag of nerks.
by RobDar January 12, 2012
when nipples get hard due to coldness
when you go in the sea or a pool on a cold day and come out and you can see the outline of your nipples in your swimsuit.... then someone shouts NERKS!!!!
by bajan_ccp June 09, 2006
A word used by Harry Secombe's character, Neddie Seagoon, in the 1950's BBC radio comedy The Goon Show, to describe an insignificant character, often Bluebottle, with connotations of a fool or some of unfortunate circumstance.
'What are you going down there my little nerk?'
by BillHarvey July 07, 2009
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