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Someone who gets straight A's. Or actually TRIES in school. I'm a "math nerd." If you believe in labels, that is.....most people in my school would rather be a prep than a nerd. I believe the opposite. Nerds have a little "group" at school and we talk about cool stuff. Like computers, math, and science. (okay maybe some people may think we're weird.) Most "nerds" like math, science, and getting grades. Most "nerds" like school. Geeks are wanna-be-nerds. Don't confuse us with them. Heh heh. Just kidding.....or am I? A lot of them are also really Don't get me wrong, I'm not a stereotypical nerd, as are not many nerds are. Most nerds wear supposedly "preppy" clothes with cool glasses (they are not the ugly thick black kind).
*sigh* that nerd is so hott.....
by Anonymous February 08, 2005
15 18
Anybody who believes that learning to understand and relate correctly to their environment has more meaning than getting drunk and laid and watching reality TV.
If you're persecuted by people dumber than you are, or you struggle to relate to people because you can't get into the usual routine of sex, bitching and the latest buzz, you are a nerd. Own it. The latest music will be old news by the end of next month. Science is here to stay! Don't resent yourself for being smarter than other people, for being Martin out of the Simpsons. He's the only one who actually knows how to enjoy himself without regretting it later.
by vapourmile November 10, 2007
45 10
Not Even Remotely Dorky
To Me Nerd stands for Not Even Remotely Dorky so thank you thank you very much.
by NerdMan December 28, 2012
42 8
A nerd is someone who does better in school than his/her classmates and wear stylish clothes. Nerds are prosecuted for their superior intellect. 99.9% of nerds are social even though they are not ecpected to. To be a nerd you have to be smart and stylish. If you wear outmoded clothes and you're smart than you're a neek, which grow up to be at least middle class nerds. Nerds are awsome. Do not get phy sical with a nerd from bedstuy or the south side. Nerds are also funny and some are popular. Some nerds look like regular people.
Dummies:Ha ha ha!
Nerd:At least I'm smart and well dressed.
by Nerd2O December 01, 2009
38 5
Someone who is smart and wears stylish clothes (or at least wears regular clothes). Some nerds are popular, some are funny. If you wear any clothes that are stupidly dull, idiotic, or worse than the style of regular clothes, you are a neek, not a nerd.
Addidas, Martins, Jordan, Nike, Rocawear, Puma, Nerds, ect.
by Nerd2O November 26, 2009
38 5
Someone with a higher IQ then you can count to.
"Blessed are the Nerd's for they will inherit the world" ~God
by Gregory Payter October 12, 2008
47 14
a critically acclaimed rock band featuring Pharrell Williams with Chad Hugo and Shea. The name stands for No one Ever Really Dies. The music is a wide array of sounds, ranging from rock, to rap, to R&B, to funk/soul, to metal.
No one Ever Really Dies...You believe that? If not, for's almost over now!
by mmmmmmmmmmmmmm May 02, 2005
55 24
the most epic species known on earth. all secretly bad ass ninjas.
whoa check that nerd over there!
(a nerd walks past, does a ninja backflip, then moves on)
by HaveTheWaffle (>")> # July 27, 2010
38 8