There are a number of criteria that can define a nerd. For example,
1: An IQ value greater than your weight, or greater than 130
2: Obsessive-compulsive hobbies, such as collecting things
3: Spending more than 70% of your free time on your computer
4: Graduating high school with a math level of calculus or higher
Juliana, with her 138 IQ and collection of elephants, is a nerd~
by Floppie December 19, 2006
A person discriminated for having half a brain by stupid fashion-following kids who can hardly string two words together
Townie: You iz so dumb, you iz such a nerd
Nerd: Dumb? At least I know how to talk properly
by DeaD PersoN August 01, 2003
the sexiest social class of them all

girl-i love nerds

guy-*smiles* i know...

girl-let's see that nerd cock

guy-*pulls out dick* THUMP!

girl-*jaw drops* DAAAAAYYYUMMMM

*insert night fun*
by loves me some nerd December 05, 2008
An oppressed genius.
I`m a Nerd myself because i am very intelligent which is exactly why people always oppress,harass and refuse me.And why?Because they are envious and they claim my ideas are too complex.
by Omar Afifi March 14, 2007
Someone who is smarter than the average person and who the less intelligent jealous people pick on. Beware! Nerds sometimes know karate and can actually break your arm if you try to physically engage them.
Idiot 1: Wow look at that nerd!
Idiot 2: Yeah hahaha!
Nerd: Hehehehe *beats both idiots up*
by bob December 12, 2004
Someone with a higher IQ then you can count to.
"Blessed are the Nerd's for they will inherit the world" ~God
by Gregory Payter October 12, 2008
Anybody who believes that learning to understand and relate correctly to their environment has more meaning than getting drunk and laid and watching reality TV.
If you're persecuted by people dumber than you are, or you struggle to relate to people because you can't get into the usual routine of sex, bitching and the latest buzz, you are a nerd. Own it. The latest music will be old news by the end of next month. Science is here to stay! Don't resent yourself for being smarter than other people, for being Martin out of the Simpsons. He's the only one who actually knows how to enjoy himself without regretting it later.
by Jonny Random November 10, 2007

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