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we prefer the term intellectually badass
jock/jerk: hahaha you got honor roll
smart person: yeah so
jock/jerk: it means your a nerd
smart person: actually we prefer the term intellectually badass
jock/jerk:*stands dumbfounded*
smart person:*walks away laughing*
by notageeknotanerd May 31, 2010
A nerd is basically a person who has a higher understanding of things than most regular people.Do not confuse them with dorks or geeks. Nowadays everyone believes that they must be the same as everyone else to be accepted.Nerds are able to oversee this and become successful in life unlike the jocks,skaters, or cool kids. Nerds are the same as everyone else and are not superior to anyone but thanks to the mainstream people believe that nerds are social rejects. A nerd has a 8 out of 10 chance of becoming successful while the jock has a 2 out 10 chance of being successful.
Bill Gates - One of the richest men in the world and biggest nerds
Steve Jobs - One of the founders of Apple or in other words the dude who made the iPod your listening to right now.
Will Wright - Video Game designer of popular games like the sims and spore.
by gamepad November 03, 2008

Thanks to Snorg Tees.
Hey im a nerd.
Dude, that isnt something to be proud of
yes it is, im a never ending radical dude
by funnyman21224 August 05, 2010
Someone that has interests that go beyond social activities and procreation.
The nerd couldn't stop thinking about quantum physics long enough find love of the more domestic sort.
by Guild November 06, 2003
Not to be mistaken with the word "nerd", N.E.R.D is one of the coolest and most lyrically, musically, fashionably dopest band you'll ever hear. Formed by Pharrell Williams aka sk8board P, and childhood friends Chad Hugo and a dude simply known as Shay, So far they have produced three albums( true masterpieces to us fans) "in search of"( 2001), fly or die (2004), seeing sounds (2008), some highlight tracks , "rockstar", "maybe", "you know what" respectively. Also look for producing duo THE NEPTUNES.
that N.E.R.D. concert last night was mind scaping
I sleep to N.E.R.D. songs and have the best dreams
by kvedo September 18, 2009
Someone who has the complete knowledge (and then some) to create MDMA(ecstacy) and nootropics(permanent brain boosting smart drugs), but are too chicken and brainwashed governmentally to do it. Nootropics are non-toxic and increase IQ and memory while cognitive enhancers (like mercury) only give a temporary boost while leaving the brain toxic and worse than before. Nerds are joining the illuminati to screw us all, when, in the end, the illuminati will screw them first. Foolish freedom stealing nerds. Bill Gates has joined them. Rob Portman is an illuminati member. Tyranny WILL FALL! The NWO WILL FAIL!
Dude A:Have you heard how nerds made a nootropic illegal?
Educated Person: Actually I read it online! How can they do that? Do they want us all to be morons or what!
Dude B:It's all part of the NWO, man! They want us ALL to be dummies. They only want intellect for themselves with their crazy obsession with "genetic modification", which caused many deseases.
Educated Person: Nerds think they own everything, when they all look like dick heads.
Nerd: looks stereotypish Uh? Don't we all should eccept that I'm smarter than all of you. Only nerds with genetics and illuminati will control all. Killing 90 pur-cent of you, hahaha!.
Educated Person: No one's talking to you. Shut up, Assface!
Dude A: Yeah! SHut up!
Dude B: Shut the hell up, "Nerd". (N)oob (E)ating Ronald (R)eagan's (D)ick! N.E.R.D.
by GhostlyTruth July 27, 2012
I <3 Nerds
They are the sweetest
"Is your boyfriend a nerd?"

"Yeah, I love Nerds, they are the sweetest"
by love my nerdy boyfriend February 01, 2010