Nerd Raging is often referred as an alpha male who chooses to bedeck himself with the presence of multiple women. These women are typically very beautiful and disease free.

It's also very common for the male to indulge himself in various sexual activities with the women. These motives are clearly for his own self gratification.
After participating in the scholarship banquet, Richard made his way to the all-girls catholic school for a night of nerd raging.
by internetguy March 10, 2008
Top Definition
The act of Nerd Rage.

When one person on the internet or while playing online based game, will go berserk and unleash his internal rage on his fellow teammates and enemies because one of the following reasons.
1. He/She fucked up
2. His/Her Team fucked up
3. His/Her enemies had fuck him/her up.
Rob started nerd raging when his teammates fail to get the flag that he had dropped.

Rob(Red): "Fuck you, Blue team! Fucking losers!"
Rob(talking to his teammates): "You morons! How the hell could you not pick up the fucking flag? FUCK SAKE!! FUCK THIS SHIT!!
*Rob has left the game*
Ted(Blue): "Wow."
Mike(Blue): "Hahaha!"
Daniel(Red): "Glad that guy left, he kept Nerd Raging every minute of the game."
by samson6669 March 04, 2010
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