When an interracial couple has sex during the woman's period.
Greg only has sex with girls he can make Neopolitans with.

Whip out that tampon and start making some Neopolitan.
by Home Sweet Homicide March 22, 2010
When there are 3 jewish men together for grace after meals (a mzumin) and 1 is Ashkenazi, 1 Sephardi, and 1 Ethiopian.
"yo dog...can we bench?"
"yeah-and we got a neopolitan."
by rachel schwartz June 18, 2007
The action of swallowing a mouth full of cum from several individuals contributing their own unique flavor to the mix at one time.
Her/His mouth began to fill with cum, as each man ejaculated in succesion until about to overflow with creamy goodness, the tasty neopolitan of unique flavor was swallowed in one gulp.
by sexntc March 06, 2011
A more recent term for Jungle fever. A black man or woman who favors a white lover or vice versa. (A black man with a white girl and the coochie is pink. Or a white man with a black woman the coochie is still pink.)

Or a Multi-racial person.
1. My boy C-west as militant and afrocentric as he claims to be, has favored Neopolitan for as long as I could remember.

2. I hooked Susan up with D-mack and she's been Neopolitan ever since.

3. -Yo homie wassup wit cha girl Keisha?

-Who Keisha??? She aint feelin you money, she strictly Neopolitan you dig??

4. Susan had a couple Neopolitan babies now you can't tell her she ain't black.

by Trinide December 01, 2007
When you fuck your woman in the ass and then switch to the vagina, cum inside her and then eat her out, all while she's on her period.
Man, i just game my woman a Neopolitan!
by RingelBells August 14, 2011
The act of chugging a gallon of whole milk, then engaging in anal intercourse with a black person. After a while you should vomit the milk into the person's rectum, creating a white, black, and pink combination. It greatly resembles the NeoPolitan sundae.
I totally gave this one chick a neopolitan, she ate my dick.
by WayTooFar March 12, 2010
Not just labeling the ice cream anymore, a Neopolitan is a sexual romp where a straight male has a foursome with a "Strawberry" woman (Native-American Indian orientation), a "Vanilla" woman (Caucasian of any descent) and a "Chocolate" woman (African-American or liken deep-tone-skinned).
Derrin had a total Neopolitan last night with those three chicks he was mackin' it up with at the club last night!
by Kidahl January 04, 2010

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