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when you see a black person an asian and a white person walking together
did you see that neopolitan over there?

ya it was fuckin crazy!
by john hams john ham September 16, 2009
The Neopolitan is a sex act in which a man anally pounds a man, woman, or child until both he climax's and the other party begins to bleed. When the man removes his penis from said anus, it is covered in blood, semen, and feces causing the colors brown, red, and white to combine like the neopolitan ice cream flavors chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.
Dude was fuckin some Brunswick, hit that shit too hard, and ended up with a Neopolitan
by Drew Dickerson June 12, 2008
It's a variant of the new york taco. Instead of barfing in a woman's pussy, you take a shit in it - and do so while she's on her period. Then you fuck her and shoot your load all over the shit and menstrual drippings, thus creating "the neopolitan".
It was that special time of the month for her, but rather than let her turn me down for sex, I opted to shit and cum on her bloody vag for an extra tasty neopolitan treat.
by Sloe Vag Geist June 18, 2008
When you fuck a girl on her period (strawberry), then fuck her ass(chocolate), then jizz in her mouth(vanilla). Then she has chocolate strawberry and vanilla all in her mouth.
I gave that girl some neopolitan ice cream last night by fucking her pussy and ass and mouth.
by rootbur October 20, 2007
Sexual intercourse which results in the ingestion of blood, feces and male ejaculate.
A neopolitan is a felch on steroids.
by LeBongo February 16, 2007
To engage in sexual intercourse with all of a woman's three orifices: Oral, vaginal, and anal.
First she sucked me off, then I did her in the pussy, then I tapped that ass! It was a whole fucking neopolitan!
by Plaid October 14, 2004
When you combine a strawberry shortcake (you know, when you punch a girl in the face right before the facial) and a dirty sanchez (you know, the Hitler moustache full of shit).
1. Last night, I got liquored up and ate some Taco Bell then dropped a Neopolitan on this hood rat, Belinda.

2. After I gave her a facial and a dirty sanchez, that Hitler moustache really infuriated me as a Jewish man, so I punched her square in the nose to finish off the Neopolitan.
by Brad Torkelson August 25, 2007