When you slap a scoop of vanilla ice cream in a girls vagina, then you top that off with semi sweet chocolate chips, then you proceed to to let the ice cream melt and spoon it out and enjoy your true neopolitan. So you have the pink in the vagina the white of the vanilla and the brow of the chocolate chips.
Josh gave Kelly a neopolitan and she giggled as the ice cream dripped down her vagina lips.
#ice cream #vanilla #chocolate #strawberry #josh #kelly #sex #desert #dessert #penis #vagina
by HarryBallBag March 30, 2011
Top Definition
To have sex with 3 women at the same time; a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead(vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, respectively)
Dan Heller is a pimp, yo. Last night he got with a sweede, a spic and a mic!
Word!? You mean he had a neopolitan?
by A. Lazarus November 15, 2004
An ice-cream flavor that is composed of separate bands of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla.
Neopolitan ice-cream tastes good.
by AYB April 04, 2003
A Neopolitan is when you fuck a girl on her period: first in the pussy, then in the ass, and then cum on her tits - you get the three colors like the ice cream.
My cum was swimming in her shit and blood, after I gave her a neopolitan last night
#cum #shit #poop #ice cream #neopolitan #blood #period
by t_from_flint November 12, 2007
A certain individual who has blond hair on his head, red facial hair, and brown hair "down there," much like that of the vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate mixed ice cream known as neopolitan.
I hear Nate is a neopolitan...blond on top, red on the face, and brown downtown.
#ice cream #body hair #hair #facial hair #nicknames
by Phil Pahl May 15, 2007
Banging four women in a row without washing your dick, so that the fourth chick in the series tastes three flavors on your cock.
I was just fucked Sissy, Missy and Chrissy right before giving your mother a delicious Neopolitan.
#fucking #train #orgy #gangbang #blowjob #freaky
by VanillaMonster October 19, 2013
Neopolitan is a euphemism for a bisexual.
A little brown, a little White, and a little pink

Basically saying that the person who is neopolitan likes everyone, with a little sexual joke in the definition about the neopolitan likes pink as well
"Last night I saw Hannah hitting on Ellen, but now she is all over Aedan"

"Yeah, she is Neopolitan for sure"
#lesbian #straight #homosexual #heterosexual #pink
by Retributor Jr July 06, 2009
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