Fucking hell hole of the internet.
"hi is my bf hot??? look at his pic do u think he's hawt?!??!"
"if u guys post any more off topic boards ill report all of u"
"hay lets chat on facebook!!11 lookin 4 a bf lulz"
"jeff/17/male/ca girlssss wanna chat ;)? (Replies: 304)"
"lol scene kid chat only"
"oh no i lent someone ZDAP 4 free but now they wont give it back???"
"i lost my meds help"
"aw damn i was suspended WHAT THE HECK"
by ~*~*~*~*~amazing*~*~*~*~ August 22, 2009
An online game, originally designed for college students, but has developed to target mainly kids with its promotions like happy meals.

Yet, if you dare go on the neoboards and post "This is a kids site" You'll get flammed by a ton of users saying that it wasn't created for kids. But guess what? It is now, and no, you are not awesome just because you know the fact that it didn't start as a kids site.

Yeah, it was good a long time ago, but it sucks now.

One reason being, that once the staff realized they could make money off their lame site, they really over-did it with the sponsors and advertising. You even have to PAY MONTHLY to enjoy the site to its fullest, which you have to be an idiot spending your money on IMAGES ON A WEBSITE.

And what better audience to target than young kids? With the cute colorful characters and happy meals and what not. With all the little 12 year olds joining the site, the more the neoboards get clogged with spam.

This brings up many more subjects. One being, how the monitors can't handle it. And by deleting the general chat, all the other boards get spammed up. Of course older users, that are still completely clueless, aren't going to go to the newbies board thinking that they are not a newbie and they don't know where else to go. So most of them end up at the help chat. From there, they get flamed by DOZENS of users, and report happies that think they are cool, or doing good insulting and reporting them. This could even lead to getting their account frozen.

THE SPAM PROBLEM COULD BE UNDER CONTROL if you guys didn't get an ego boost by flaming and bumping up every pointless topic on the boards. I mean, one person telling the creator of the topic that it is spam is enough, not dozens of users. It only bumps the topics up, clogging the boards with the spam that bothers everyone oh so much. When if you only payed attention to topics that mattered, the spam ones would'nt stay on the first page for very long if more people just ignored them with maybe one warning telling the user that it is spam.

Then theres the games. When is neopets going to realize that there are so many programs created to cheat on their games? Have you ever seen accounts with DOZENS of game trophies? Or the same users getting the highscore on every single game that month? Hah.

Don't even get me started with customization. I guess its "cute" dressing your pets up, but the neopets staff just added a ton of extra unnessasary work for them to do. Not to mention how ugly the new redraws are, and how stupid the clothes looks on most pets since the colors and thicknesses of the lines stand out and look bad. What if they release a new species now? They'll have to draw hundreds of clothing that was already released to fit that new species. And Honestly, I think the NC mall was the only reason they went through with the customzation idea. Once people realize how fun it is customzing their pet, the'll pay money for more clothes to put on their pets. And they're expensive too.

Then we have favoritism. Face it, some users are adored by the staff. One good example would be Shaddykins. This person cannot draw for shit, yet they let her in almost every art gallery page, just because she talks to at least one of the staff members. Did you know that you win 10,000 nps and a rare item everytime you get in the art gallery? They're basically giving her free handouts. And she lies about it too, saying she earns all her neopoints from playing games. Ha, bullshit. She's not the only favored user in the art gallery. And not the only favored user on the site either. But enough of that.

Neopets has so many REDICULOUS rules that aren't even stated clearly anywhere, thats why so many people break them and get their accounts frozen. You can't say hell or damn? People wouldn't know since they say hell and damn all over the site.
Neopets user: Omgz look at the cute tiara I bought in the NC mall!

Someone with common sense: Congratulations on getting scammed out of your money :D
by neverhdfhdfhdfhdfh March 24, 2008
An anoying creature from neopets.com which is an nerdy, childish yet addicting website
My neopet can go fuck himself for all i care
by A person that hates MTV March 23, 2005
1)A stupid internet game site thingy that is completely for nerds so that they can feel cool talking to other nerds.

2)A place where you can be a totally different person without anybody knowing

3)Something really retarded and homosexual
Person #1- I was totally owning the nerds on neopets last night

Person #2- Dude, you are one of those nerds
by Gargelshmack December 03, 2008
1) A virtual pet site that has various games and puzzles that you can solve in order to earn neopoints. There are numerous creatures you can adopt and strange worlds you can visit. The site is family friendly with a wide age range, although mostly appealing to the younger generation.

2) Any of the animals that can be adopted from neopets.com.

3) A site that has become more and more focused on merchandise and less on the player base, and has thus has become associated with a wide line of plush toys and other items.
1) Faerieland is a virtual world found at Neopets.

2) I have three Neopets: a cybunny, a draik, and a moehog!

3) My Neopets collection consists of several plushies and a voice-activated toy.
by Lina Blade June 12, 2004
A hugely popular virtual games site that is, I will admit, quite addicting.
It was created for bored college students but was converted to be kid-friendly when a bunch of under-20s started playing. Apparently there used to be theme parks with a bunch of random items and there was this transportation thingy that brought you to different places for items like totems. That was all scrapped, though, when I started playing.
The games aren't always updated but the old ones are still fun. Every June, there's an "Altador Cup" thing and we play games to earn points to win the Cup! You also earn neopoints from playing games.
Over-13s or kids with a consent form mailed/faxed to TNT (The Neopets Team) get to go to the Neoboards, a place where one board is singled out to be spammed and all the others are virtually spam-free. Battledome chatters are rich, Avatar chatters are mostly stuck-up and have "elite" friends.
All in all, Neopets is a fun game site where coding is easy to do and hopefully they change the new layout back to the old one ^^
user 1: do you play neopets?
user 2: no
user 1: omg! it's so fun. you should try it out.
*after user 2 plays neopets for a while*
user 2: omg! i love it!
by Neolover June 04, 2007
a little kiddy site where people go to make fun of people who actually do the uninteresting shit on it.

Probably an ambition thought up with the help of recreational drugs and/or alchohol.

Not much.
The boards are kinda fun though
"Dude, you should totally check out Neopets, its awesome!"
"Get away from me, you queer!"
by cluny March 17, 2006

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