I personally like Neopets. It's generally a more childish website, though teenagers and adults play also. Some features it has are:

You raise a virtual pet. No neopets are real animals, though some you can tell are supposed to look like a real or fictional animal. Some species are unis, xweetoks, usuls, peophins, myncis, and so many more. There are also special species which it's hard to get. For example, a drawk. You can't just walk into Create A Pet and say you want one. You have to get an egg. You can paint them or customize them.
-User Lookups
You can write stuff about yourself, and code it to make your lookup look cool. The only part I don't like about that is that you have to use HTML, and I can never figure the damn thing out.
You can talk to other users, if you're over 13. Or said that you are. I stay away from the boards, so I won't get iced. Iced, and Frozen, are other words for getting kicked off of Neopets forever. If you do go on the boards, beware. Some people over react and report you over the tinest things.

Some are easy, some are hard. You earn neopints (money) from them. I get around 30k a day from playing games.

There are lots of lands on Neopets, each with a different theme.

-Neopian Times
A "newspaper" full of user submitted material.

Gosh, theres more, I think, but I can't remember them. All in all, Neopets is a great site, but like every site, it has its flaws. And its addicting. Very, very addicting.
I just adopted a Xweetok!

I just edited my user lookup.

Some people on the boards can be bitches.

Neopets is fun!
by VampireChick218 August 29, 2010
An annoying website where you adopt weird "pets" that you can name and take care of, give them pets and then give their pets pets. You earn money (np) by playing very bad games, and some things are exclusive to neocash that you have to pay for. The staff are not any better, as the reporting scheme is WORSE than in youtube and deviantart. They favour over users, they suspend (aka Freeze) you for no reason and they have bad attitudes.

12 Reasons not to play Neopets:

1. The Games
2. Gameplay
3. Noobs
4. The boards
5. The Staff
6. No longer free!
7. Freezing
8. Paintbrushes
9. Items
10. Hypocrisy
11. The pets
12. Waste of time.
1. The Games.
The Games here SUCK! Most are ripoffs of classic games, like Snake II, Arkanoid and also some others. The rest are boring games (Although Hassee Bounce was ok). Also, Neopoint payouts are so low getting them is TEDIOUS.

2. Gameplay
You take care of up to 4 pets and you buy stuff for them and their home. That's all.

3. Noobs
Self explanatory

4. The boards
Full of Noobs, report happies and also liberal douches.

5. As I've said, they make Hitler seem cool.

6.No longer free!

That's right, you have to pay for the good features on this stupid website. Want to dress up your pet? Make a house? PAY UP! It's becoming like Millsberry, another sucky game.

7. Unfair freezing
Very often, mainly because of noobs, report happies and liberal douches from being on the boards.

8. Paintbrushes
Pay over 9,000 (x50) Neopoints to change your neopet's colour! Hooray!

9. Items
Pay points for items to feed your neopets, groom it and even to use as collectables. Whoop dee doo.

Saying "happy easter" or "Merry Christmas" will get you banned. Funny, since there is a Christmas Paintbrrush for use!

11. Pets
Weird looking little fuckers in all the colors of the rainbow and other designs! I call bullshit.

12. Waste of time
Self explanatory.
by InternetCritic May 01, 2010
"Neopets" is a virtual pet site where you can not only throw away your time, but also your money, sanity, and social life! Though it has a "battledome", a place where you can have your pet fight another pet with various weapons, the word "hit" is blocked from the chatboards to prevent naughty discussions, because on Neopets, bad things don't exist! And good old "TNT" (the neopets team) blocked all words related to Twilight, isn't that great? Now, you can struggle to type out your Uncle Edward, Grandma Bella, and sister Alice's names! If that's not enough to get you to join, get this! After all the time you've spent collecting pixels, TNT just might freeze you for hacking, for no reason whatsoever! Cool, huh? Neopets even has this great feature where you can report anybody you want! That's right! Anyone! Did that sarcasm hurt your feelings? Well lucky for you, one fake sob story and click of a button, and they're gone! The best part is, over 70% of the population are illiterate 11 year olds who whine and cry and angst and squeal about crappy bands! There's even bitchy adults who TNT just adore, that spend all of their lives hovering over a computer screen instead of tending to their children and going on dates! Isn't that fun? Well, I hope you enjoy your time on Neopets!
1) Brittney: Hey, what'd you do for your birthday?
Jessica: I spent my whole day trying to get a highscore on "Evil Fuzzles From Beyond The Stars", then I celebrated with my guild members and they sent me a bunch of cool items!

2)Kelly: Hey, Becky, do you still play Neopets?
Becky: Are you kidding? that site used to be fun, but since Viacom bought it, it hasn't been the same!
by sheepiscool November 26, 2009
Neopets is a virtual game usually went on age 5-7. It used to be cool, until they took down the general chat on the Message Boards. They took it down because all these 7 year olds were all like: "LOLOLOLOLOLOL HAY ANY GIRLZ WANNA B MAH GF IF U NO WUT I MEEN" and some maturer person year old goes like: "HEY KID! NO ONE WILL EVER DATE YOU BECAUSE PEOPLE CAN THINK YOU'RE A PEDOPHILE." They freeze people that do this and REMOVED THE WHOLE GENERAL CHAT. Silly Adam, too cheap to FREEZE PEOPLE.
"HAY GUISE U LIEK TO GO ON NEOPETZ" "...Shut the hell up, idiot. Neopets is dumb."
by Coolguy Mcgee December 17, 2008
A site that's gay as shit and terrible! The only good thing is you can pimp out your profile and petpage and make it look hella sick but then you get frozen for retarded reasons so it sucks. Everyone on there is either A. illiterate and immature B. a total asswipe who thinks they have good music but in reality it's bad C. an old mofo who goes on there everyday and they're fucking rich and greedy and would cry if they got frozen or D. a troll. So it sucks ball sack go on there if you want to fight with people it's a constant battleground I swear to god! TNT (the Neopets team) are a bunch of assholes who freeze everyone with an opinion and an open mind and they get rich off of the little kids you are too young and innocent to understand how gay it is and get their parents to buy them this "Premium" shit which isn't even fucking worth it and it's fucking hundreds of dollars what the fuck! Fuck that shit! Oh and you can make ugly pets that used to be cute but then Viacom commercialized it so it's gay.
normalkid223: Hey guys, I'm new to Neopets. Can you help me out here? :)
normalkid223: Um... ok?
__indiiechickk: Heyyy; Rate my photographyy?(:
normalkid223: Ummm 8.5... it's just shadows and flowers, and the quality isn't good. Maybe you could try another angle?
__indiiechickk: Believee whatt youu wantt;;;;; my photographyy is my passiionnnn(((:
normalkid223: ???
8765567654565: LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL :) :) :) :) JUHYGHJUHGYHGTYH!!!!!!111!!W12234565THHT :D :D :D
normalkid223: THAT'S IT FUCK THIS SITE!!! *shoots self in head*
by elegantelephants May 09, 2010
A hugely addicting site, That supposedly cares about it's members. What it actually is, Though, Is an ad-infested site with a report happy at every corner. TNT (Theneopetsteam) Will freeze you for anything, Unless you are featheralley, Of course. So, If you want my opinion, Stay the hell away from this site
user11: Hi, I'm new to neopets, Could you help me out?
n00b: LYK ZOMG TTLY R3p0r774d!

TNT: Oh look, We just got a report. Apparently user11 has
been spamming. Well, Who the hell cares about actually looking into it? As long as they make a new account and give us money, It's all good.
by Glowdis October 04, 2009
Fucking hell hole of the internet.
"hi is my bf hot??? look at his pic do u think he's hawt?!??!"
"if u guys post any more off topic boards ill report all of u"
"hay lets chat on facebook!!11 lookin 4 a bf lulz"
"jeff/17/male/ca girlssss wanna chat ;)? (Replies: 304)"
"lol scene kid chat only"
"oh no i lent someone ZDAP 4 free but now they wont give it back???"
"i lost my meds help"
"aw damn i was suspended WHAT THE HECK"
by ~*~*~*~*~amazing*~*~*~*~ August 22, 2009

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