What used to be a cool pet site, but now sucks. And here are the top 10 reasons why:

1: Shameless Advertising.
They have 3 advertisements on almost every page.
One on the top, one on the bottem, and one on the side. Advertising things like online dating services, weight loss programs, and phone companies. Plus they have countless sponser games. And even make sponser items (bubble yum, sweet tarts, etc.)

2: Neo Staff favoring certin users.
Let's face it, there's only a handful of people TNT (theneopetsteam) actually give a shit about.
Featheralley, Hrobi, Garret_jaxx (sp?), Hubrids_mansion, Jazz_invinceable , and a coupple others. Thease people will not be iced no matter how many rules they brake.

3: Message boards.
The message board used to be cool... like four years ago. Now they suck. Neopets changed the format to look more professional... and screwed everything up. Completely deleteing the GC (general chat), which used to be cool. Before n00bs took over.

4: Glitches and bugs.
Neopets has countless glitches and bug which they will never fix. I myself have lost well over 15 million in items and np's (example: I lost a SOS while taking it off my pet. Plus I've lost large sums of neopoints countless times while trying to put them into the bank.) And neopets never refunds anything you lost during a glitch... unless you're featheralley of course...

5: Cheaters
Neopets is full of gay ass asain cheaters.
They've made it impossibble for anyone who dosn't cheat to get on a high score list for a game.

6: They're Hypocrits
They'll freeze your account if you post pictures of yourself in which you are slightly imosdestly dressed. And yet they have faeries with their boobs hanging out all over the site, wearing skirts that sure show alot-o-theigh.
They'll freeze you if you mention any achollolic bevrages, and yet they have them as items on their site! *points to a certin item called "red wine" and many other wines*
Noooo cussing. Or else they'll freeeezeee youuuu.
*points to the old maraqua vid with the pirate swearing.... aloso points to the faerie who swears* mmhmmm.

7: Scams
The site is full of people trying to scam other players. Pretty much the only reason guilds exist anymore is for people to host scams.

8: No origional games
Every fuckin game on that site is a ripoff of another game.

9: It's understaffed
They have far too few monitors for the amount of people who use the site.

10: Report Happy Users
People will report you for ANYTHING on that site. And I mean anything. And regardless to what neopets says, no, they DON'T actually check inot the situation. I've been faulsely reported and frozen countless times. If you mearly say something like "I don't like Good Charlotte, I prefer Dropkick Murphys." ... someone WILL report you, and if enough twits report for it, you WILL be frozen.

And those are the top ten reason why neopets sucks.
Though if you still like to play regardless of those reasons here's the top 10 tips on how NOT to get iced
1: Don't have anything on your user look-up
2: Don't talk to ANYONE
3: Don't be in a guild
4: Don't have a pet
5: Don't play any games
6: Don't share a computer with anyone or anything
7: Don't buy anything from any shop
8: Don't log on from ANY other computer
9: Don't leave for 3 years then log back into your account
10: Don't get anything from the money tree.

The End
(please forgive the large amount of spelling and grammer errors.)

Non-Dork: You're a dork.
by Ibanez April 11, 2005

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A site that used to kickass back in the old days but is now just another 'game' laced with adverts, spyware, and idiots. Frozen unfairly? You probably won't get your account back. Run by hypocrites who truly don't care if you live or die.
"Dude my Neopets account was frozen, even though I didn't do anything wrong!"
"Ah well, better make a new account."
by steph_s December 17, 2007

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It's about some people using a pet site for massive advertising so they can get rich. Plus, while you play with your pixels, you see lots of flash banners that slow down the computer and sometimes offers something not suitable for young players like dating agences ads. I think they don't care about the people on the site. At least not anymore.
*surfing on Neopets*


*logs out* ...¬¬
by Sunny1010 October 02, 2007

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Neopets is a virtual online game, enjoyed by many players however due to this there are many flaws.
Make neopoints, take care of your neopets, play games that are rip offs of classics and put better productivity (making neopoints) into it, collect numerous amounts of things (neocards, tcgs, item specific galleries, ect) with a wide variety of difficulties. Lots of challenging stuff but extremely addictive and time consuming.
Cheaters and crackers, scammers and nOObs often threaten your enjoyment of the site, and making neopoints often works better for those with faster connections, however anyone can make nps and become rich if they play enough.

Anti-cheat attempts are often pothetic and useless, general public pleasers.
Over advertised, and with an overwhelming amount of players (TNT is over critisized, personally, I'd like to see YOU do better without going bankrupt or selling out to some stupid advertising company, not that they couldn't do better, but they could do worse too! (really) And they do care about members, however there are so many that giving them individual attention is near impossible)

TNT desperately needs to find more productive and efficient ways to make money, and need to hire more staff to manage boards and handle glitches and cheats. Perhaps even take a month off of adding new items and just go around freezing people who deserve it.

Also, contrary to popular belief about 90% of neopians frozen DESERVE it, I've never cheated and never been frozen (I've been playing for about 16 months now, and have grossed 40+ million, and though I may have a fairly fast internet connection I still made around 4 million on DIAL UP from before I got high speed ;))

It is very strict, but don't break the rules and you won't be frozen, simply put.
False reporting DOESN'T work, if you are frozen after being falsely reported it is likely you've broken another unrelated rule.

Rules are not properly cited, and lost of people get warnings/suspensions for things they don't even know are against the rules, TNT severely needs to be more specific with current neorules and expand on them, as well as add the less obvious rules, for the morons out there that can't peice together logically cited rules (such as about 50% of the population who have not yet reached puberty)

Change is inevitable, but it is colourful, and nice at times, depending on your mood it can be very enjoyable, but try and stay away from being competitive (it only ends in disappointment)

I still enjoy neopets, and it's fun in a lot of ways, but it can get really frustrating and depressing sometimes. (and perhaps enduce pessimistic thoughts such as giving up with human life and the will to kill one self)

Glitches and flaws are horrible, so overall I'd say it's not something you want to get addicted with, if you do choose to play be ready for many dissapointments, evil temptations, some enjoyment, and anger at TNT because of the flaws or just because everyone else is angry at TNT)

A little scatterbrained as always, but I feel this gives a more clear explanation, compared to the pessamistic, over angered crap already given that only gives the bad sides of things. Though there is a lot of bad, it's overall a fun game, just don't get too into it XD

Here's a nice chart to sum it up:
Points of dissapointment and pessimism:
- Messy boards, overly strict censory on what you can say, lots of annoying children or morons on the boards.
- Lots of advertisments that cause lag and glitches
- Lots of programming errors or other major flaws that get really annoying.
- Addictive, and may cause competitiveness.
- Overpopulated causing overloaded servers and painful lag, as well as attracting the attention of evil or miserable cheaters, low lifes, and basically people who want to ruin your day. (take "dupe day" for example)
- Many conceited children who make the 'upper class' a giant drama pool.
- Difficult to learn your way around, as it is so big.

Points of enjoyment and optamism:
- There are lots of great people you can meet, if you search deep enough.
- Working hard does get you somewhere, just not as far as the cheaters which is why you don't want to be competitive or addicted.
- Lots and lots of colourful things to do, which can be enjoyable long term or short term entertainment, even if uncreative and repetitive at times.
- If you do nothing wrong and can understand the rules and TOS you only have a 5% chance of being frozen every year, so play for 20 years and you should be frozen by then, so try not to get connected XD
- Lots of HUGE and amazing challenges, which make it competitive and addicting.
- It's always there, though with annoying downtime and glitches.
- There's plenty of humour on the site, if you know where to look.
- Constantly updated content, though it takes away from the other parts of the site.
- Some creative games and activities, though they usually cause too much interest which generates more lag and glitches.
I'm going to go play neopets.
Neopets is fun and entertaining, though a flawed game, but don't go overboard with the pessamism.
And lastly, avoid the nOObs, and the boards unless you're in the mood. There's plenty of opertunities for fun on neopets! Just keep your eyes open and balance it with your life ;)
by existant D: March 09, 2006

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An extremely messed up, overadvertising, dumb, commercialized site started in 1999. If you were a player for a long time, you would understand the stupid changes they made. If you started after 2004, and you're still defending it, you're a stupid fanboy/girl. There is no other word to describe this highly addicting and liferuining site other than STUPID and unfair. Here's reasons why:

Overadvertising, commercials, ads, you name it! You don't even have to visit a porn site or any other busy to the ass sites to see this. Go to Neopets.com and see there's huge ad on top, a huge ad on the bottom, an ad on the right, and now, you even see ads in their popup game windows! They disabled the popup window games so they can have the games load on the same page as the ads for increase ad revenue. And I bet people go "use Adblock" well let me break it to you, not everyone uses Firefox, and not everyone knows how, and even when you do adblock, it just blocks the ad, not the entire frame.

They add different methods of luring people into their site. First they started off with collecting virtual trading cards, and it wasn't good enough because it was free, so that fab dropped. Then in 2004, they added avatars and "Neopets Premium" which gave rich people a few perks just to bribe them to stay, which eventually faded in 2007, so if you wasted your money and neopoints on them for three years, THEY AREN'T RELEASING ANY ANYMORE AVATARS! Then they added sidebar themes and that eventually stopped because they changed the site to a new cluttered, stupid and disgusting layout. Now they are using the stupid NC Mall and now you use real money to buy your pets some clothes to wear.

What happened to the simple Neopets? And then when they "maintenance" the pound because they thought their dumb virtual pets had feelings, what about now? We're dressing up our dumb looking pets acting like they don't even have feelings. Well they never did have feelings because they aren't real.

They changed the whole site completely. Other than the fucked up ads they added in, you notice how it went from a simple layout (a sidebar navigation) to then a sidebar navigation and a top bar, and now it's a top bar and another horizontal navigation bar which looks disgusting and had many users angry. Then they had the need to add more "intro boxes" like in your items page, the into would have a stupid image and a small paragraph about what you can do with your items when it's pretty self explanatory. Then on the games page, they changed the simple four images to about 20 tables of categorizing which makes the site look utterly gross and cluttering. And with dialup, you'll take years before that whole page is done loading, along with a few broken images you may get.

They also had the need to change the navigation for the shop area that used to be a cool looking scroll with icons on it, now it's just plain text for so stupid reason. They could make all these dumb changes to their layout but they can't even fairly distribute things to their players?

Their contests are extremely unfair and hard to win. They act like many players are actually on their site. They choose the corniest jokes, ugliest pictures, and worse random contest projects. They promote favoritism, and treat very famous players nicely and who knows if they are actually real. They have been unfairly freezing people for no apparent reason since 2004 where all the changes started happening.

They changed all the Neopets looks for them to fit into the stupid clothes you have to buy to let them wear. Now the all have a hideous pose with their fist coming up.

No neopoints? Tough luck, the most anyone would usually get is about 10,000 NP a day spending about two hours playing their repetitive and copied games. You'd save for a year before you get a million NP and before you know it, it's not even that much neopoints. The deal is, if you don't have Neopoints, don't expect the game to be easy. You can be playing your whole life and still be only 20% completed. Their game high scores are impossible to get yet many players managed to get them anyway, so if you're an average player, forget getting a flash game trophy because it will never happen. You can score 9,000 on Suteks Tomb and that's considered good, yet people on the charts oddly scored 100,000 and up.

If you don't have fast internet, you could expect yourself not doing shit. Their flash games have to be waited to load, then wait for the background to load, then wait for the actual game to load. Back then it was just a simple clicking on the Chias or the blumaroo head spinning. Now they added these stupid ugly animations that just blinds you. Their games have bad music, long ass intros, you'd watch for like 20 seconds before you can actually play (usually can't skip these small animations) and then you'll realize the game sucks. They also renamed games because they felt they were "offensive."

They changed numerous games and a lot of them got the worse changes and made the game heavier to load and longer to start. Sometimes you don't even get your neopoints because there's an "error" when you send score and then you have to play all over again. Everything in the game is massively expensive, things inflat everyday, anything you get can be worth shit, and when you throw it away, the next day it could be 10,000,000 neopoints. They retire so many paint brushes so they can lure you to buy their clothes with REAL MONEY.

The left sidebar is annoying as fuck. There's a stupid image of your pet saying the same 5 comments over and over again. Then if you visit your quick references, you see three images of your same pet, then in your items page, you see another two images of your pet. THEY WANT YOU TO GET SICK OF SEEING IT SO YOU CAN WASTE MORE TIME ON THEIR SITE CHANGING YOUR PET OR MAKE YOU SPEND REAL MONEY TO DRESS THEM UP!!

The staff is so uncaring, mean, give bad excuses and rude comments. They told my unfairly frozen account has been inactive for too long to be recovered, which is a lie. They just me to play MORE on their site. My whole life playing since the changes in 2004, I only got one response from them when I emailed the staff. Usually you send them a message, you never get a response.. NOT EVEN AN AUTO RESPONSE!

So obviously, if you weren't a long term 7 year player like I was, you wouldn't know shit about the changes they did because you just started playing and act like the biggest suck up to the staff. If you HAVEN'T heard of this site, do yourself a favor and stay away from it before it takes you down to hell with them.
Neopets.com is the worse site and yet they promote themselves to be the "best" site with their gay merchandise and cheaply made t-shirts and happy meal toys. Their rare item codes on the toys don't even give you rare items! The item just says "(Rare)" but it's really worth about 400NP most of the times.
by Adeeb Bachchan July 10, 2008

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Neopets WAS fun, addicting, kind, caring and overall a good website where you play fairly, explore worlds, buy items from shops, get a pet, paint your pet and chat on the boards.

Now it is filled with no-good staff trying to make money with pointless merchandise and games. For example, they make plushie and games in where you get them you get a code you enter to get some rare item or website theme. WOW

Here are the main problems with Neopets, the example are given below:

1. They "freeze" you for nothing or being too rich.

2. The staff are too obsessed in money

3. The Boards

4. They dont care about you, only themselves and thier friends.

5. Just dont play it.
1. Yes, I have been frozen about 3 times.
On my first account, I was frozen for having 1 million nps that I was saving and they said I scammed someone.
Next I made another one with a cloud Jubjub which I worked hard for the pb.If you didnt know already Jubjubs are wierd little fluffballs with teary eyes. I recieved a neomail to go to a scam website, and I refused. I made a board not to go to it. Then some stupid idiotic report-happy reported me of scamming when I clearly said NOT to go!!
One of the reasons why I think she reported me is because I had a cloud jubjub and I was a newbie, and she was playing for 8 and a half years and still have a red Lupe!
My third account got suspended for no reason either, I was lending an avatar item only if someone lent me another avatar item, and the same report happy reported me for scam, maybe because I was a newbie and I had a draik, but I got it fair and square in a random event! She still had that red lupe, level 1, and now that girl is on my death list >:)

2. Yes, the staff are. They recently made the "Neomall" with "neocash", a neopian currency which you have to pay for in Dollars, and all of the merchandise is sold in America, which is unfair to someone who plays in the UK or Australia.
That means you have to pay for customizable clothes for your pet, and even stuff for your neohome!
Also they made "Neopets premium" which allows people to get the best of of Neopets, but BOOHOO, You have to pay for it, IN DOLLARS!!!

3. The boards used to be fun, but now they suck. They are filled with STUPID REPORT HAPPIES (See number 1)that report you for nothing, even for saying you need something for a quest and you will pay them back or when you say "W4zzup" and they always think your a n00b.
Talking about n00bs, they are little pesky people that beg for stuff until they annoy you to death and you give give them it. E.G:

Noob: G1v3 m3 4 p41nTbrUsh
Me: Sorry, I cant afford one right now.
Noob: 0H your3 s0 m3an! I 4m g0In to r3p0rt U!

Yeah, they type like that.

4. They only care about their accounts, and they dont freeze them no matter how many rules they break, and you are only allowed to have 4 pets? The staff members have unlimited pets AND Painbrushes!

5. EG:

1: Hi I play neopets, its so great! I found a codestone!
2:They froze me...
1: Reported!!
2: Dont say that I didnt tell you so!
1: Shut up you freak! OOHH! I found a pirate pb!!
Two years later...

Neopets: This account has been frozen for being too rich, saying you like <insert website name here> better than neopets and not buying neocash!!
2: I told you so...
1: Yeah but I found a better website!
2: Hey I like that website too!

1 month later...

1 (looking at Neopets homepage, with big letters in red saying BUY NOW! NEOOLLARS! IF YOU DONT BUY ANY YOULLE GET FROZEN!!!):I cant believe I used to play this crap...

3 years later...

Neopets has gone broke, the staff are in jail for money-making schemes, adam has commited suicide and the whole website has been shut down for eternity!!

Everyone: YAY!
*War stop immediently, world hunger has stopped and global warming has been a thing of the past*

It was neopets that created all the crisis!
Neopets should be CANCELLED!!
by GlacierDragon5474 December 29, 2008

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Neopets (n) (ne-o-pets): A site that was made by college students and made for college students. It soon turned into a kids site for kids ages 8+.

Past: Neopets started out as a very fun kid site. There were games, boards, and of course, pets. There were 3 categories of games: Action, Puzzle, and Chance. Each one contained 100+ games at least. And each one was fun to play. It was perfect for kids. And best of all, it wasn't there just for getting money. It was actually a game site where the focus was on having fun, not money.

Present: Neopets has turned from a game site focused on fun to a site focused on money. The games have been enhanced (like by too many levels), the neopets are 3-D like (and look horrible), and is just horrible. Right now it's just horrible. And you get frozen really easy (ex: saying "sucks" gets you in trouble)

It has the NC mall (neocash) and there are two items that I find interesting:
The I Love NC mall flag ($1.50) and the I hate NC mall flag ($50). hm... Anybody have 50 bucks I can borrow?

Future: Oh my gosh, don't think about what's coming up next. It's probably going to turn into ad palooza.
Neopets was a fun site, but is really dumb now.

The neopets are really dumb now.

NEOPETS SUCKS! uh-oh! My account is frozen X_X
by camomatt July 12, 2008

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I have read quiet accurate deffinitions, so I won't describe what is all about.

In my opinion, neopets has always been a rather complicated and unfair game. The difficulty lays in the fact that it is EASIER to make money in the real world, than in neopets world.
Actually, it is not a game fit for people who have a real living, such as works, and studies to take care of. Neopets is far from an entertaining game to distract yourself, since it's so frustrating, and it's an enormous time sucker.

The frustration of it comes with the fact that it is very hard to combine social life with neopian success. It is almost impossible to win at any of the contests, I am a farily good artist, and I never, ever won the art competition (whatever it's called), and was outsmarted by much worse pictures than mine. I never won the beauty contest either, and only once did I win the storytelling.

As far as I remember, you need like millions of neopoints to get a paintbrush, and, in my experience, I was able to get 10,000 np a day, playing several hours.

I must say that I stopped playing neopets for those reasons. I needed to study, and further in the future, I started working. Social life, and neopets can't match.

To make a virtual comunity, well, it's fine. I find it extremely complicated for children, since they are the most competitive.

But as an entertaining game, well, there are other games out there, like the mythical AOE, which is FAR more entertaining than this distorted representation of our actual world.
It is easier to make real money. Real money can be wasted in the following things: Food, a house, a car, a wonderful gift to a loving husband, giving your children the life they deserve.

Neopoints: It is far harder to get them, and waisting your time in neopets means waisting time in real life. Neopoints can be spent in the following: brushes, food, clothes (all virtual, obviously), weapons, etc.

Now choose your priorities. I've chosen.
by Dragon Nighthowler April 12, 2008

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