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N. An extremely filthy statement that is very bigoted, arrogant, and usually religious (normally Christian) in nature. Nelsonisms are rare unless coined or stated by their usual source, Nelson Quan, who is of course, very, very filthy.
"I don't think all those Muslim wars would have happened if the Muslims had the Christian God... I mean, you don't see Christians going around starting wars."

Person 1: "It's important not to look at history in terms of good guys and bad guys."
Nelson: "I think that's stupid. Because obviously the Christians are the good guys and everyone else is a bad guy."

Person 1: "Zoroastrianism and Animism played a role in the development of Christianity."
Nelson: "No, no... you don't understand... Chrisianity influenced the development of Zoroastrianism and Animism."
Person 1: "WTF. How is that possible? Zoroastrianism and Animism were developed thousands of years before Christianity."
Nelson: "Well you see, the power of Jesus and the Bible is so great it transcends time and reason."
by Ross December 27, 2004
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