Top Definition
a. to plan too far ahead and lose track of the day-to-day,
inevitably messing up both short term and long term
b. to play so conservative as to not enjoy current success
to the point of annoyance of others and over-thinking of all
future decisions
c. to fail in a consistent and predictable manner it becomes
funny to everyone who claims to be your friend
My fantasy football team was amazing, but then I shit the bed in the last few weeks. I can't believe I nellied so hard.
by coolcavs April 30, 2011
Being bit, stabbed, kicked, sliced, hammered, slammed, shot and/or stomped in the groin by any number of random things or beings.
Lin got 'nellied' by his good friend Harn.
by Harn_Winterfell June 23, 2011
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