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The most adorable girl you'll ever meet. She'll make your heart skip a beat. Her laugh will make you want to smile. She has a sweet voice and an essence about her that makes you feel as If you've known her forever even if you've just met her. Her silky hair falls down like a waterfall along her shoulders. Her piercing eyes make you fall into a trance. You'll want to protect her forever and care for her deeply. She's bubbly and friendly and a loyal friend to everyone. Smart and classy. Sometimes sassy. Though sometimes she may become annoying and depressed you'll always adore her.
Person 1 :Awe she's no pretty!
Person 2 :Who is she?
Person 1: That's nelli
by Luke During December 03, 2010
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The girl that has a sense of humor that makes everybody laugh, she's very cool, laid back, and friendly. She's like one of the guys but her body is sick, thick thighs, big butt, flat stomach and big breasts. A lot of girls envy her but its so hard because she's such a nice and understanding person. She's very blunt and won't tolerate bullshit. She holds it down for her loved ones. She loves sports. Every guy wants to date her.
Christopher: yo nelli, you my girl

Mike: she will kick your ass

Steph: your so funny nelli
by ayri di January 03, 2011
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A name for a person who speaks with a variation of speed using linguistic patterns with music.
1. That Nellis can spit some sick poetry
2. The way how Nellis can switch flows
by Prince Nelli$ January 27, 2006
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Noun (eg. doing a nelli)
Verb (eg. to nelli, nelli-ing)
1. Smoking Marloboro reds insessantly either traditionally or with a hand pipe.
2. Being easily angered when something is not consistent, ie. OCD
3. A small mediteranean insect usually inhabiting undergrowth or shallow earth resembling a black fluffy worm. Most commonly found in Greece but has been sighted in north east England in Guisborough, Redcar, Midlesbrough and the like.
1. OMG as if you're doing a nelli! Put that fag out!
2. Oww! Don't nelli me, it's not my fault it's not perfectly symmetrical!
3. Woahhh look at that nelli!
by she faked it February 18, 2008
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1980's slang term for methamphetamine. Derived from the name of race car driver Parnelli Jones.
by Dark*Star August 15, 2008
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