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greatest drummer ever...
by anonymous October 15, 2003
611 100
Drummer for Progressive Rock Legends: Rush.

Peart has influenced near all of today's Progressive/Rock Drummers with his stellar technique and precision.

One of his most notable influencees is Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater.
Neil Peart plays drums.
by R Beauvais May 14, 2004
471 59
Drummer from the band Rush. Known for his innovative use of unusual time signatures, steely countenance, extremely intelligent lyrics, and overall awesomeness. He is the greatest living drummer.
Neil Peart freakin rocks, I'm glad that first drummer left Rush so that, along with Mr. Peart, they could become one of the greatest bands that ever existed.
by Andy May 05, 2004
375 39
The greatest drummer alive
Neil Peart's The Rhythem Method is the best drum solo in the world
by The Analog Kid July 07, 2003
392 110
One of the few Drum Gods, alog with artists such as Budy Rich and Steve Gadd. When Neil isn't creating amazing, innovative, musical and truely original drum solos, he can usually be found beating up Travis Barker for fun.
Neil Peart's drum solo 'O Basteria' is the greatest existing example of drumming. Other Peart solos include 'Der Trommler' and 'The Rhythm Method'.
by Vannaroth May 06, 2006
244 95
overrated drummer who was believed to be beaten up by Carter Beauford in jr. high.
OMG! I like boys and Neil Peart!
by Jon323 May 25, 2008
28 403