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The Arabic word for FUCK (noun). However, it is not often used as the word fuck in english is used e.g. when shouting "fuck" if you are angry.

Neich is pronounced with 'ch' in Iraq and the other gulf countries; however, in Egypt, Jordan, Syria and south Africa, it is pronounced with 'k' i.e. neik

The verb is "Aneech" which means (I fuck):
Aneechaq/ Aneechak --> I fuck you (used for men) which means I will kick your ass (it doesn't mean literally that I will have sex with you)
Aneechich, Aneechik--> I fuck you (used for women) and it means (I will have sex with you)

Notice that when you say it to a man you say :"Aneechak" ends with "-ak"; while when you say it for a woman, you say "Aneechik or Aneechich" with "-ik" or "-ich" where in Iraq and some of the gulf countries they use "ich" and in other countries, they use"-ik"
hatha neich (english meaning: this is neich)
Ali!! Wallah Aneechak (english meaning: Ali!! I swear to God, I will fuck you)
by M3S0P0T4M1C4 December 31, 2007
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